11 October 2011

revuesday - Orchard St. Taqueria

With the growing population of taquerias and Mexican food dives, the Lower East Side is beginning to look like Southern California... not that I've been to SoCal, but it's just on top of Mexico so I imagine there are a lot of taco stands and Mexican eateries.  But seriously, there are new spots opening so frequently that there seems to be a taco joint on every corner.  With this many options it can be tough to choose where to eat lunch and make sure you get something tasty.  I've hit up a few of the more established spots like San Loco or El Sombrero but was eager to try something new.  And since my lunch dates were Alex, Kevin and Aunt Patty, I knew I had my chance since they love Mexican grub!

We headed straight up Orchard Street to the relatively new Orchard Street Taqueria since the threat of epic rain storms scared the heck out of me and my broken leg.  If you can look beyond the kind of goofy rock & roll decor and the Saturday Night Fever screenings, the tight restaurant and wrapping bar are a great place for an inexpensive meal or a few cocktails and a bite with friends.  I don't remember who got what, I just know that I took bites of everything and it was all delicious.  The steak in the bistec quesadilla was lean and tender and though the chicken flautas were a bit dry, they were perfect when topped with the spicy guacamole.  I'm not normally a fan of saucy enchiladas, but the red sauce had a touch of mole that contrasted so nicely with the creaminess of the cheese that I might actually order these on my own.  The carnitas tostada was so loaded with flavorful shredded pork that I almost wasn't able to eat the barbacoa taco that I had my heart set on.  But I suffered through my full belly, thank goodness because the gamey chunks of juicy lamb topped with spicy salsa and queso fresco was my favorite part of the meal.  Washed down with a sweet and tart hibiscus tea, the mixed Mexican meal  left me feeling so satisfied that I had to pass up a dessert order of flan which is rare for me since I lovelovelove flan!

But fear not my little sweet tooths, I still got my dessert.  After crutching along for a few blocks and chatting with the boys about their new school year I felt that I had burned enough calories and made room in my belly for a little sugar.  And since it was revealed to me that the dudes had never enjoyed a doughnut from the Doughnut Plant, I knew exactly where we needed to go!  Classic glazed for the guys, carrot cake for Aunt Patty and pistachio for yours truly.  They were immediately sold on the awesomeness of that Lower East Side fried dough and finished the sticky sweet rings before we made it back to the apartment - which we entered just as the rain started coming down.

doughnut converts

All in all, it was a perfect pre-stormy weather meal with some of my favorite people.  I will definitely head back to the Taqueria for drinks and food once my leg is healed for a little foodie fiesta!  And I might just head over for a doughnut right now.


  1. had a great time with you, the boys can't wait to visit again

  2. By the way, the picture was taken at about 3 in the afternoon, if you look in the background, you can see how dark the sky was......

  3. ooh I love this kind of food, this restaurant sounds authentic, delicious, and priced just right, I need to go there, thank you so much