14 October 2011

happy happy

Happy Friday kiddos!  Just a quickie as I'm on my way out for a special lady date of dinner and drinks on this fine, drizzly evening.  I had my first beer in about two months while I was out with Isabelle last night.  We enjoyed some improv, a birthday cupcake and a nice, cold IPA.  I had almost forgotten how good a cold beer can taste after a long day of... well, really just sitting around these days but that doesn't make it any less deserved!  This doesn't mean I'm turning my back of the classic cocktails I usually favor.  No, no, no.  Rather, in honor of my recent rediscovery of those hoppy brews and a refreshing cocktail, here's a great list of beer cocktails compiled by the folks at Gothamist.  Anyone up for sharing a sip with me tonight?  I think I just might head down to my old stomping ground, Iggy's.  Let's happy hour, kids!

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