03 October 2011

mildly amuzed hour

Lately, I'm afraid to drink booze.  I'm not taking any medicine beyond a few ibuprofen to get me through the day that would make drinking dangerous, but I'm nervous about how my body would react to alcohol.  I haven't had more than a few sips of wine since my accident and though there have been moments when I could have really gone for a strong Manhattan (my drink of choice,) I've resisted and instead sought the comfort of hot tea or club soda.  I guess what scares me the most is the fact that I already feel so unstable on my crutches while I attempt maneuver the crowded streets in search of ice cream and donuts.  That nervousness combined with a couple of cocktails and I can just imagine the disastrous aftermath - bumps, bruises, more broken bones.  Yikes!

refill please
But like I said, the stress of trying to move around this crowded and oblivious city makes a girl crave some spirits.  Until I'm off the crutches though, I'll just have to pretend that my chai is a hot toddy and get my kicks by following the hilariously awesome series My Drunk Kitchen.  There aren't too many people who get to see me in action in the delirious kitchen but the few that have can attest to the fact that I am very much like Ms. Hannah Hart when I cook... and a little like Julia Child, too - wine for me, wine for the food, wine for me.  My meals are usually a bit more successful that Hannah's, but the pre-food prep is really quite similar.  But drunken cooking can be very risky so it's best to stay out of the kitchen unless you're a trained professional.  And since I'm so wobbly on my feet foot, I should be extra cautious in the kitchen and maybe stick to watching Funny or  Die's Drunk History series.  Learning about history has never been more fun and since it doesn't require any open flames it is always safe!  And when you mix that kind of education with booze, it's awesome and hysterical.  Many thanks to Sarah O for turning me on to these riotous videos!

Unfortunately, all that giggling at drunk people kind of makes me want a drink for myself.  You know, peer/beer pressure?  For times when those cravings kick in, I'm thankful for Ken Burns' new PBS series on Prohibition.  It's been very informative and I kind of can't wait for the next installment.  So far the documentary has been pretty good at reminding me about the bad side of boozing... let's see if everything I learned last night can help me get through happy hour with the ladies tonight!

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