15 October 2011

marys & macarons

One of my favorite things about this season, and about living in the city with some pretty awesome friends, is the chance to meet up with folks and enjoy a little afternoon cocktail in the cool, fresh air.  After a bit of Halloween costume shopping (wait til you see my costume, it's going to be amazeballs!) my newly legal gal Paula and I set out to find a Bloody Mary deep in the heart of the Lower East Side... now that I think about it, we probably should have gone straight to Mary Queen of Scots since the breakfast cocktail is named after her, but I didn't think about that until just now so I suppose it's besides the point.  Anyways, Paula and I were wandering around and, maybe it's because my crutches forced us to move a little slower and take notice of our surroundings a bit more, we stumbled upon Bisou Ciao.  Apparently this adorable little macaron shop has existed for over a year but it wasn't until today that we happily discovered it.  The perfect little French confections come in flavors that were so tempting I almost felt inclined to spend the last of my money on a box of five, but instead opted for single belated birthday treats for me and Paula.  So we tossed a sour cherry macaron and a poppy macaron in the bag of Halloween leotards and tights and continued on our quest for daytime drinks, promising to return soon, which we definitely will.    We made our way over to White Slab Palace to enjoy a couple of drinks and a potato pancake slathered in caviar and red onions and sour cream that was almost as good as the original one I used to get at Good World, my once favorite NYC restaurant (RIP Good World.)  And after a bit of a bathroom door snafu, we made a new friend, had another round and concluded the kind of simple and successful Autumn afternoon that really makes me thankful that I live in the place I do.  I hope y'all are enjoying as satisfying a weekend as I am! xo

poppy & sour cherry?! i must recreate these!

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