19 October 2011

it's like buttah

Over the past month and a half that I've been laid up, I've been super spoiled.  I've eaten out, ordered in, splurged on snacks, taken cabs, slept in and watched a lot of cable tv.  I don't have cable at home and don't think I'll ever get it because I'd probably just end up wasting days on end watching rerun marathons of America's Next Top Model on Bravo and VH1.  Yeah, I'm that snobby gal that thinks most television programming is garbage... until I get sucked in.  Other than silly competitive reality shows though, the only other cable I find myself watching incessantly these days is the endless supply of food and cooking shows.  There are way more awesome shows related to food than I ever remember there being when I last had cable!  I have a feeling I'm going to go through some sort of withdrawal when I get back to my tin foil covered antennae at home.  

But I don't have to leave it all behind, no no no.  All of these tv personality chefs are brilliant marketing wizards, too.  Most of them choose to slap their names on cookware and bakeware or fancy-ish food items at the grocery store.  But one Southern belle has gone a different route, signing off on some kitchen inspired beauty products.  Yup, I'm talking about butter queen Paula Deen and her butter flavored lip balm!  She may not be my favorite of all the channel chefs but boy is this lady genius.  Who wouldn't want their lips buttery soft, especially with the chilly months ahead?  It's not for sale at her online store yet but I'm hoping to get my hands on some because I really want to try it out... anyone want to roadtrip down to Savannah with me and ask her about it?

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  1. I do not have cable tv either, but I would like to get it, because I think without it, the day is so boring