28 October 2011

like the icing on a cake

A cake is not a cake without icing... well, I suppose there are exceptions but they're never as delicious as their fluffy, buttery, whipped creamy covered counterparts.  And like an icing-less cake, I sometimes feel a little less-than when I leave the house without putting my face on and spritzing my 'do.  By this I really just mean a swipe of lipstick, a pinch of the cheeks, a swoop of mascara and a pat of concealer under my eyes (thanks to my dad's side of the family for the perpetual dark circles down there!)  I've never been to great at creating dramatic eyes or a dewy glow so I usually just keep it natural.  As for the coif, it's a giant mess of almost unmanagable curls that I am forever trying to get bigger and more dramatic (don't forget, I'm from NJ.)  And I realized a little bit ago that I really haven't changed y hair at all since it went curly in 8th grade!  Sure I've mixed up the color a bit (blue highlights, faker than fake red, a nightmarish attempt at blonde) but the style has remained the same.  Maybe because of that I've been feeling a little blah about my look lately, not feeling glam enough.

So when my roomie invited me to join her and some of her gal pals for a Mary Kay facial party I said heck yeah!  A little pampering with the ladies was exactly what I needed.  And then when I found a gal who needed a hair model for a cut and color I again said heck to the yes.  That is an ordinary Thursday turned into Lady J's day of fancy!  A subtle dye job and a drastic cut and blowout kicked off my day and out me in a giddy and girly mood despite the crummy weather and frizz-inducing drizzle.  Later that night, amongst miracle creams and glam tools, I indulged in a few glasses of sparkly pink wine with a few equally bubbly and amazing ladies for the girliest evening I've had in a long time.  It was wonderful so, thank you ladies for a much needed makeover!

I went from this - 

to this - 

feelin foxy on my one leg.

* P.S. Keep an eye on the blog because I'm making a pretty big announcement tomorrow... I hope your Halloween costumes are ready, hint hint!

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  1. I LOVE it!!!! You, my dear, are simply fabulous!