07 October 2011

escape from new york

A lovely long weekend is upon us and I plan on taking total advantage of it!  I suppose all of my weekends are long these days as I don't really have much to do or anywhere to go, but I'll pretend that this is special and that, along with the rest of the country, I get to enjoy an extra, blissful day off.  Since I've been crashing at the LES loft I haven't been able to do much cooking or baking - though the pad comes complete with cable and a working elevator, it is unfortunately sans working oven.  I thought about heading back to Brooklyn and throwing a dinner party with my much missed friends and an insane amount of food but since they all seem to have fled the county of Kings for exotic locations like Canada, Upstate, and Austin, Texas, I'd just end up eating all that food on my own.  So instead, I too have decided to flee the city streets for a more rustic locale and will be returning to the olde homestead in South Brunswick.  There, I will fatten up my family for the coming winter months with a special Autumnal menu that I have crafted and plan on preparing over the next few days.  I hope everyone enjoys what looks to be a fabulously fall-like weekend and looks forward to hearing all about these new culinary creations I'm working on.  Want a sneak peak?  Here you go:

* tiny, mini, adorable personal cran-apple pies
* moroccan acorn squash cous cous
* ginger snap cookies
* pantry cookies a la Kate's challenge
* roast chicken
* cornbread stuffing
* brussel sprout hash
* something cider-y

And if I have time, maybe a hobble along the canal and a stop in Princeton to meet up with some old friends.  Princeton is so beautiful this time of year; well, always, but especially in the Fall.  But before I bust outta here, I'm off to a belated birthday / catch-up supper with Meg at Back Forty.  I hope everyone's weekend is as yummy as mine!

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