05 October 2011

birthday schmirthday - a postponement notice

As many of you know, today is my birthday.  I am still 28... I say still because for the majority of the past year, I though I already was 28 so I'm just going to let it roll over into this year.  The past 365 days have been pretty rough going for me, the icing on the crummy cake being all these damned broken bones.  Since I'm stuck hobbling around on crutches today, I'm not really able to properly celebrate what should be a super duper occasion.  So I've decided to postpone my birthday this year.  I'm not sure how long we'll have to wait to really get our party on, but I'd at least like to be able to walk sans crutches for the festivities and it would be really swell if I could dance and sing some karaoke!  Though I'm sure you're all sorely disappointed that we aren't able to fiesta this evening or even this weekend, it's better this way because it gives us all more time to plan something uberfab.  To get us all started, I've put together a brief wishlist of party specifics and gifts that I wouldn't say no to for my big 2-8 so let's get to it!

lady j's birthday wish list
* a star named after me from the international star registry
* a fancy soiree that deserves a fancy new party dress like this one, this one or this one
* people pouring champagne into a pyramid of old-fashioned champagne glasses at said soiree
* fireworks
* a hot air balloon ride picnic
* vitamix blender
* a confetti cannon
* to take a knife skills class at the brooklyn kitchen
* a thousand balloons
* a basket of grey kittens that will all be named after foods
* new tights in every color of the spectrum
* mixtapes
* a 28 layer cake with sparkler candles
* a sparkly gold bike helmet
* homemade construction paper and glitter party hats

All the celebrating can't be postponed though.  My mama and daddy-o are on their way into the city as we speak to take me, the first born, out for a delicious supper at Cafe Katja followed by dessert someplace I haven't decided yet but it will probably involve cake and ice cream.  C'mon, I'm postponing my birthday, not cancelling it.  I still deserve cake and ice cream!!!  Thank you everyone for all your heartfelt birthday wishes because you sincerely made my day... now let's get started on that party planning, date TBA!

Oh yeah, here's a random fun fact for you - according to a recent survey, today is the most common birthday in America.  I suppose we have champagne to thank for that... here's to all the other New Year's babies out there that are celebrating with me today!  Our birthday may be common, but all the October 5th babies I know are awfully unique.

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  1. you are so young still, just live the life without complains and worries, life is short, and we need to live it day a day....