06 December 2011


i don't even own a vacume - my dustbuster would hate this mess!
I'm a huge proponent of artificial holiday decor.  Yes, I love the smell and feel of a real tree, I love the excitement that comes with going and picking out the perfect one.  But sometimes I'm super allergic to those real live, natural, sappy suckers.  And they're really expensive and messy and despite how green they are, it's not nice to the environment to chop down trees and I don't have the room in my apartment for one... the list of reasons I don't have a real tree goes on and on and on.  It isn't just trees though - the mess exists with wreaths and garlands, too.  So if I can fake it, I will.  Don't get me wrong, I love to have a little bit of real live Christmas magic, but I usually settle for a sprig of mistletoe or a poinsettia plant.  Beyond that, my tinsel tree and bike wheel wreath are enough.  They're awesome also.

If you like riding a bike, and you like Christmas, and you like recycling and crafting things out of random objects, this is the project for you!  Grab an old bike wheel, hub, spokes and all.  Wrap a strand of lights around it.  Maybe toss on some tinsel garland or bows, a bell or two, whatever your little heart desires.  Plug it in and hang it up.  Voila!  Quick and easy holiday cheer with minimal mess and everlasting enjoyability -


  1. so perfect in every way.

  2. What a creative idea miss martha!!!!