01 December 2011

dear santa,

Tis the season, folks.  Happy December!  Thanksgiving is done and now it's time to start counting down to Christmas and this year, I have a whole lot of extra cheer.  So, in an effort to reign in all that ho ho holiday goodness, I'm going to attempt a 25 days of Christmas Blog Spectacular!  Yup, this kind of spectacular -

Everyday I'll bring you something festive and joyous and jolly and bright!  To kick things off right, I'm going to share with you my Christmas wish list.

Dear Santa,
Though there may have been some naughty list moments this past year, I think I've still been a pretty good girl and would like you to please shimmy down my fire escape and put some awesome presents under my tiny tinsel tree.  You know that I make some darn good Christmas cookies and you better believe that there will be a plate of them (probably warm from the super hot radiator) waiting for you with a glass of organic milk.  So, for Christmas this year I would like -

an awesome new bike to replace the one that bent around my leg.  I think you'd agree that I totally deserve this and if you have room in your big red bag, maybe it could be this one because then, when my metal parts get tired, I could just have one of my friends ride me around and I can sit in the comfy little seat!
please please please

a telescope.  A really good telescope.  The kind of telescope that I could use to see other galaxies.  I used to ask for science-y stuff all the time and I haven't in awhile but I'd really like this.  I think it will come in handy when someone finally names a star after me.  And I promise not to use it to spy on my neighbors.

a new acoustic electric bass.  I unfortunately had to return the one I had back to it's original owner and I really miss playing it.  Plus, now I have an awesome salon / parlor and I'd like to be artsy fartsy in it.

a lifetime supply of butter, sugar and flour so that I never run out mid-baking.  And butter is super expensive and I'm getting tired of spending all my grocery money on it.

sequins.  Any article of clothing with sequins on it.  A girl can never have too many sequins.

a fancy new DSLR camera so I can take really great pictures of all the tasty treats I make and share them with the entire world through the magic of the internet and my blog.  Also, maybe an iPhone so I can remote blog.  That would be pretty cool.

a spa day.  I could use a massage and my bangs need some trimming.  Maybe it could be tied into the vacation I'm a little to shy to ask for... vaca-spa-day?

and, as usual, I would like to ask for world peace, no more hunger, no more unemployment, no more sadness, and no more worries from anyone ever.  

I think that wraps up my wishlist.  I don't want to get unreasonable and start asking for things that I know are too much so we'll just leave it at that.  Think you can handle it, big guy?  Like I said, there will be some phenomenal radiator-warmed cookies for you if you swing on through Brooklyn.  Hello to the Mrs. and all the elves.  See you in 25 days!


So yeah.  Totally legit Christmas list.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've been good enough to get it all.  More holiday excitement is on the way so stay tuned!  Until tomorrow...


  1. That list is pretty big, and remember Jesus only got 3 presents.

  2. I needed a smile this evening, thank you!