16 December 2011

christmas cookie party!

A few nights ago, me and my gals got together for some holiday baking.  Well, it was more like gossiping about boys and listening to music and having epic baking failures.  I burnt the melting chocolate for the pretzels, there were sprinkles everywhere, and our cookies fell flat.  But me and Sam and Vanessa had a super fun time together despite all of that... we always do.  And the pretzels, though they may look like a five-year old made them, were a huge hit at Val's birthday party.  The cookies haven't been shared with anyone because I plan on perfecting the recipe to prevent any future failures - peppermint hot chocolate cookies, yum!  Though our Christmas Cookie Party may not have been successful in the sense that we weren't able to use the cookies as gifts for anyone, it was a success in that I got to hang out with some of my favorite ladies and enjoy sugary things!

confectionately yours

now what to do with a bowl full of chocolate?

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