05 December 2011

ice capades

gold medal
When I was a little girl, my parents took me and my sister to the ice capades.  It was absolutely amazing and magical and wonderful.  I love figure skating and it breaks my heart that I won't be able to get out on the ice this year.  Not at Wollman Rink, not at Bryant Park, not at Rockefeller Center, not even at the awesomely awesome new ice skating rink at Coney Island, my favorite place in the world.  I love ice skating.  So much so that I dressed up as a jazzy figure skater for Halloween last year, remember?  But seriously, no skating for me this year because I just had to go and break my ankle, didn't I?  Well, my physical therapist told me that there would be no skating, skiing, or snowboarding this winter.  While everyone's out participating in super fun winter sports, I'll be sitting on the sidelines like "Why me?!" Nancy Kerrigan.

capture the dream!
At least it will give me time to perfect my hot chocolate recipe and look like a cute little ski bunny.  There are a few hot chocolate recipes that I've been wanting to work out from scratch - Mexican hot chocolate, lavender hot chocolate, chai hot chocolate, Earl Gray hot chocolate, mochas, mint hot chocolate, cinnamon hot chocolate, you get the deal, lots of hot chocolates. And it doesn't end there.  I'm dying to try making my own marshmallows - flavored marshmallows to compliment the many flavors of hot chocolate I'd like to taste.  But wait, there's more!  Cakes and brownies that taste just like hot cocoa, cookies and biscuits to dip in your mug, the ideas are endless.  Oh, hot cocoa time.  So, until I heal up, I'll have to settle for fixin' up some cocoas, warming myself by a roaring fire place (ok, a steaming radiator,) and watching figure skating tournaments on the weird NBC sports channel that intermittently comes in through my tin foil covered antennae.  When they aren't showing cycling races on that channel, you'd better believe their broadcasting the latest in international skating competitions.  best. channel. EVER!  If the thought of me sipping a Christmas mug full of cocoa, dressed in my snowsuit and boots, watching figure skating (or Blades of Glory because that movie is amazeballs) from the comfort of my couch isn't cute enough for you, maybe this is -

Awwww, kittens watching figure skating!  For those of you who can go skating this winter, have lots of fun, then come visit me for a warm, chocolate-y treat and some company.  Enjoy your holiday skating, kids!


  1. I'm just going to have to share the kittens with Alex and Kevin. You know they'll love it!