19 December 2011

it's a holiday ham party - part deux

birthday meal for pops
Well, sort of.  Pork chops, same animal as ham just a different part.  In honor of my daddy-o's birthday, me and the gang got together to enjoy his favorite meal, some warm boozy cider, and our official tree lighting ceremony.  You see, the tradition in my house is that the tree doesn't get decorated until my dad's birthday.  Once the 19th hits, up go the lights and the tree is trimmed!  So, with our bellies full of shake 'n bake pork chops, the world's best mashed potatoes, and green beans with bacon and almonds, we strung up the lights and hung some ornaments, called the daddy-o to sing him a very tipsy rendition of "Happy Birthday" and then had some holiday photo shoots.  Holiday parties really are the best!

the cookin claus with two gals straight off the naughty list

merry christmas from the gals of the sweetest spot!

sparkle motion!

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