20 December 2011

holiday revuesday - Rolf's

Though the German fare may be subpar at best (when daddy-o and I went we both thought 'eh, that was pretty good',) it's worth a trip to Rolf's just for the festive holiday decorations.  This long existing establishment on Third Avenue seems to have been through its fair share of ups and downs - changes in management, complete staffing changes, bad press, etc.  But the restaurant has managed to keep serving up plates of bratwurst and dumplings and weiner schnitzel alongside steins of traditional German brews. 

I think a major part of their longstanding success is due to their decor.  Throughout the year, visiting the interior of this little corner restaurant is like being transported to the deep, dark Black Forest.  A canopy of artificial leaves and florals sits atop dark wooden tables and chairs while flickering lights set an almost magical mood.  And then come the holidays.  It's like a fancy European fairytale Christmas blew up inside the restaurant.  What would normally be construed as tacky (thousands of lights, artificial garlands, ornaments and ribbons) actually looks beautiful in the extreme abundance.  The food may not be the best, but Rolf's is definitely worth popping in around the holidays just for the sight and spectacle.  So poke your head in, grab a seat at the bar, order a warm cocktail and enjoy the holiday magic!

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