02 December 2011

a day for decorating

As little girls, my sister and I were eager, jubilant, excitable kids, especially around the holidays.  Not much has changed.  Because of our obsession with the holidays, our parents had to set a timeline for the many of them, as I'm sure other parents did and still do.  It was just little things, like how we weren't allowed to look at any Christmas catalogues until after Santa closed out the Thanksgiving parade.  And how every year on December 2nd two big events rolled around - my Aunt Kathryn's birthday and the time to finally start putting up all of our Christmas decorations!  Well, almost all of them... the tree still has a little bit of a wait before it gets all glammed up.

my library may not be quite so glamorous, but it's still pretty festive!

So, to celebrate this day of dazzlement and decor, I plan on Christmasing up the library.  That's right, all the holiday books are going on display!  And this year, I even have a little plan with the school's archives.  A holiday archive display - why not?!  The hardest part about setting up a holiday book display in the library is probably deciding what books to put out.   There are so many good ones; we literally have stacks and stacks of beautifully illustrated, whimsical holiday tales and not nearly enough shelf space to show them all off.  The other tough bit is keeping the display balanced - or keeping it Kosher.  C'mon folks, we need some more Hanukkah books to balance out all the Santas and Rudolphs and Wise Men and Nutcrackers!  I can't bear to put up more than one copy of Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins this year (though it's a pretty great story.)  So a PSA to all my dreidel spinning friends - let's start writing some more festive Hanukkah books for the kiddies.  I digress...

1893 Christmas edition of the school magazine The School Companion

With all the festivity abounding in the library, you may wonder what about the apartment?  Well, I cheated a little and started setting up a few decorations around the Sweetest Spot last weekend.  Give me a break, I was all hopped up on cough medicine and hot toddies; in my melted mind it probably was December 2nd.  The place isn't fully festive just yet, I still plan on putting up some lights, maybe a wreath or poinsettias or holly, bells, and of course, mistletoe!  Tonight I plan on busting out my inner Martha and making the place look even merrier.  I especially like her 23 garland suggestions - there can never be too many garlands come Christmastime!

i want this only inside my apartment!

But let's not forget that this day is not solely about filling our homes with red and green and gold sparkles.  Today is also the day we celebrate the birth of my lovely Aunt Kathryn!  So a very happy birthday to you, Kathryn.  I'll be sure to eat some cake in your honor tonight... I've been working on a hot cocoa cake for the holiday season but, you'll have to be patient and wait for that in another post.

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  1. have a happy happy happy happy birthday beautiful sister Kathryn. I hope my daughters grow up to be just like you! (and the rest of the sisters) xxoo