04 September 2013

it's a cat-astrophe!

waiting on my daily Shake Shack delivery.
Exactly two years ago today I woke up in a hospital bed with stitches, scabs, bruises and a broken leg. It was the awful cherry on top of a rough and tumble bad time sundae. I remember it all too well - shaken up, rattled, and no more rolling on my bicycle. But thanks to great friends, my amazing family, and plenty of ice cream I came out of it pretty strong - emotionally I was more self-aware and confident, mentally I grew out of my icky mindset, and physically I got stronger and more fit than I ever had been. I also created my greatest Halloween costume because of the break by dressing as a flamingo on one leg. Best costume EVER!

Well, who would have thought that the bionic gal with pins and screws and plates keeping her leg together, the lady who doctors told would maybe have a limp for the rest of her life, would only two years later be training for a 5k and hopefully a half-marathon?! I certainly didn't but here I am, running a 9:22 minute mile, a time faster than I could have even run in high school (not that that's saying much since I wasn't exactly a peak performer back then.) I've been running after work nearly every day and actually enjoying it. When I was in the woods for a hike last week I found myself walking faster and faster until I was actually running. In the woods! I never thought that I would be this excited about fitness, especially with all the hardware built into me and the potential pain it could cause but I'm thrilled with how well I've healed and how far I've come and I just wanted to brag a little bit to my darling readers (if there are any of you still out there.)

a cat-astrophe indeed. yikes, look at that snap!

But all is not well and healed and physically fit in my world. Last Thursday, nearly two years to the day  of my accident, as we were sitting down to our traditional first day of school supper of spaghetti and meatballs, my furry little knucklehead, Macaroni pulled a Jillian. His excitement over my famously delicious meatballs caused him to take a nasty spill off the butcher block and crack his tibia and fibula, just like me. Poor little guy has had a very difficult time dealing with it since he's, you know, a cat. But my buddy has calmed down, adjusted to his invalid life in a dog crate, has learned to stay still and is even in good seeming spirits. Plus he has the cutest little green cast with itty bitty sheep all over it. Hopefully he is like mom in more ways that just being noisy, always hungry, and accident-prone. Hopefully he'll heel quickly and miraculously over the next 6-8 weeks and I can run around the house with him once more. So if all of you could take those good thoughts that you sent my way when I was toe leg up and send them to Macaroni, maybe the little dude will be back to bug hunting and playing before we know it! In the meantime let's all stay happy and healthy! xoxo, me

poor little buddy... but seriously, how cute is that cast. on wednesdays we wear cat casts.

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