19 September 2013

mid-month update

I know that you're all dying to know how I'm getting along on my quest to accomplish 100 seemingly nonsensical tasks prior to my 30th birthday, and I'm sorry it's taken me awhile to let you in on my progress. I've been super busy with other things like running, riding my bike, binge watching my stories, and learning to bake pie from scratch. But I've found a few moments between zombie scares so I thought I'd share a brief, slightly annotated update with you. So, here's thirty of the scandalous and not-so-scandalous entries that I have accomplish in the past 29 years and 11 1/2 months -

#3. this jerk nearly ruined everything, but look at those tomatoes!

1. Swim naked - I'm nearly 30. C'mon now.
2. Break all of your parents' arbitrary rules - Sorry Daddy-o but I've swam out too far in the ocean when you weren't around.
3. Grow something - I've always kept a few herbs on my various windowsills and fire escapes, and Aunt Carolyn's annual amaryllis usually blooms quite well, but I think this year was my biggest accomplishment (well, mine and honey's) was the backyard garden. Not only did we manage to keep the sage and rosemary hearty all summer long, we also had bushels of kale, more basil than we knew what to do with, lots of little tomatoes, peppers peppers peppers, and even some lovely purple clematis (thanks to Patty.) Oh how our garden did grow!
#5. so many sistahs, some from forever ago and others still fresh!
4. Dump toxic friends / 5. Create your own sisterhood - I miss my BK lady friends but it has been nice to reconnect with a few back here in Bmore. Moving around helps show you who your real friends are. I'm gonna call y'all this weekend for some girl talk.
6. Speak a foreign language - My Spanish isn't quite what it used to be, but when I was in Spain a nice American family confused me with a native because I looked and sounded the part. I should start practicing some more. Speaking of Spain...
7. Travel solo - I had a pretty crummy day/series of days when I was in my junior year of college and decided that I needed to remedy it in a major way. So I did what any reasonable, broke college student would do, I booked a flight to Spain. It was my first time out of the country, it was amazing and I've since visited Budapest and Vienna on my own as well. Maybe I should do a little travel blogging about that. Hmmm
8. Know your friends' family tree - I have a pretty good and curious memory so I know many of your bros and sistahs. Plus, parents love me!
9. Embrace your inner eight-year-old - I've worked with children for much of my life; it's harder to contain the eight-year-old sometimes.
10. Make the first move - I've been known to be bold.
11. Know the other mouth-to-mouth - CPR certified! I've even got a card to prove it.
12. Master a signature family recipe - One time I asked my mother for one of my favorite family recipes, Mom's best ever meatloaf. She laughed at me and told me it was on the back of the Lipton box. I've since mastered quite a few recipes, even the uber-tricky perfect pie crust (more on that later.)
#8. and what a family tree it is!
13. Quit something / 14. Kick one habit - I quit smoking last year. Yuck.
15. Find the perfect red lipstick - Just one? I've got quite a few and the perfect red lipstick has actually become my trademark 30th birthday gift to fellow gal pals. My faves are Laura Mercier Poppy (for a bright, glossy shine,) Laura Mercier Bing Cherry (for a smoother, but still knockout red,) Benefit Espionage (the deep, dark bombshell burgundy,) and for good measure, my very natural, very subtle, hint of color, everyday lipstick, Korres Natural Rose. I've also found a few perfect pinks but that's a post for another day.
16. Google yourself - Last I checked there was another me somewhere in Pennsylvania. She is kid cheerleader.
17. Hold your booze - Well, I still have a one-too-many-Manhattan kind of night every once in a blue moon.
18. Write a complaint letter - Mrs. Cianci gave us this as an assignment in 7th grade. I don't remember who I wrote to or if I got a response. However, I recently wrote a complaint letter to Nabisco because I bought a box of my favorite Garden Herb Triscuits (which are really hard to find, by the bye,) because they were not herbed nearly enough. I have yet to hear back. I'm expecting free Triscuits at this point, Nabisco.
#21. here's that pie I won't shut up about ... from scratch!
19. Claim your granny panties / 20. Invest in seriously frivolous undies - I love my big fat knickers but that doesn't mean that I'm immune to investing in really pretty, really expensive, really unnecessary pieces of fabric with lace and frills. I love feeling pretty and believe it's important to start with a good base.
21. Make brownies from scratch - I don't use boxes for anything anymore, not even pie crust (I promise I'll blog that next!) 
22. Exorcise the words "like" and "you know" from your vocabulary - Having worked with high schoolers, I fully understand the annoyingness of these phrases. I do my best not to use them though I occasionally replace them with other goofy or outdated words.
23. Write thank-you notes for everything - I love writing thank-you notes; almost as much as I love receiving the presents I write them for! P.S. Have you seen my birthday list?
24. Accept compliments - It took a very long time for me to get over my insecurities and learn to just say 'thank you'. My recently found graciousness has led to a brilliant bump in confidence.
25. Minimize pointless drama - I prefer big, telenovela drama if I have to have drama though I'd really rather have none.
26. Unplug your TV for a while - I'm actually pretty good at this. Thankfully I enjoy reading and crafting and writing and outdoor activities so TV isn't the biggest priority in my life. Well, except for right now when I'm literally sitting next to the tube as I write this, binge watching The Walking Dead in an attempt to catch up in time for the new season.
27. Dye your hair an outrageous color - I had highlights once, then I Manic Panic blued and purpled my tresses. The best was the time I, in a very foolish attempt to achieve my dream of curly blonde hair, went as light as possible without too much bleach and ended up with some strange strawberry blonde reddish mop on my head.

#27. I am NOT a redhead

28. Own your mistakes - I prefer to live without regrets and the only way to do this is by owning up to the stupid, foolish, not-so bright ideas and decisions I've made along the way. And trust me, there have been many.
29. Take your hobby more seriously than your job - My blog might not be as frequently updated as I originally intended it to be but that doesn't mean I'm not in the kitchen every night whipping up something tasty for supper, dessert, lunch, brunch, breakfast or a midnight snack.
30. Talk to strangers - This has never been a problem; I'll talk to just about anyone, anywhere, at any time. So much so that my parents had to keep me on a leash when I was little. Yeah, I talk to strangers.

I'm doing a pretty good job so far. I'll update again next week with another thirty or so to see if I'm getting it all done! Until then, I'll be baking pies from scratch, eating homegrown, saying thank you, blabbing to whomever will listen, making long overdue phone calls to friends, and scaring myself silly with zombies. Sixteen days and counting!!!

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