05 September 2013

thirty in thirty

Some people have a tough time dealing with big life changes, especially ones that deal with aging. Whether it's a mid-life crisis, a quarter-life crisis or even just lying about your age, people can be super weird about the numbers attached to their life. Not me though, I love getting older and I love milestones. In fact, I've been looking forward to turning the big 3-0 for the past thirty years.

My teen years, like those of many, were rough filled with insecurities and confusion. My twenties weren't much better except for the fact that they involved living on my own, pinching pennies, ruining finances, heartbreaks and leg breaks, and working millions of jobs until I found a career. But I suffered through all of those years with the hopeful optimism that my thirties would be everything I imagined. I hoped that I would be happy, healthy, confident, career minded and essentially, a grownup. I was sure that I would be in a good place, surrounded by good friends near and far, and that I'd be really content with myself both physically and mentally. 

As the clock starts counting down on my 29th year and bring me closer to my 30th I'm coming to the realization that all of the things I'd hoped for are coming to fruition and I'm all set to enter year thirty positively and prepared (knock on wood, we all know I have some kind of luck.) But am I sure I've done everything there is to do, everything I need to do before that big day comes? There's only one way to know - with a goofy little book that my kid sister gifted me somewhere around 25 and I forgot about until a few months ago. It comes with a handy dandy list of 100 things that every gal should accomplish before hitting this upcoming milestone birthday. Many of these must dos are pretty goofy (Be a nudist for a day,) but some of them are sincere and important (Stop slamming other women.) So, over the next thirty days, I plan on going through the book, checking off everything that I've already done and complete what I haven't - let's hope there isn't anything too nutty in there! Expect some updates throughout the month (though not necessarily detailed as some of the 100 might be a little scandalous,) along with goals for my thirties, a memory or two of the past twenty-nine years, and my birthday wish list. What, am I supposed to let you all get me random gifts on this holiday of holidays?? Here's to the countdown and to a bright, shiny new decade!

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