07 September 2013

wishing and hoping

I've been thinking a lot over the past few days (and the past twenty-nine years) about what I might want or need as my new decade begins. If I wanted to I could probably make an unbelievably lengthy and selfish list, one worthy of Veruca Salt's praises. Instead I narrowed it down to thirty items that are either reasonale or ridiculous but all current desirables. As promised, here it is - Jillian's 30th Birthday Wish List! I know it's absolutely glorious outside and nobody feels like going shopping so I want you all to know that I don't expect you to take care of it all right this second. You have nearly a month to get it all taken care of - all thirty birthday wishes. But better to get started early especially since some of my wishes are rather lofty ones. It's time to take a break from that party planning and get started on present planning. Colin says that I have weird, cursive/print hybrid handwriting and that it's hard to read sometimes. He also says that I can have a wacky way of describing things so to clarify and specify my wish list I've decided to type it out and list it here, for your convenience.  Here it is -

* pink champagne and a bouquet of my favorite flowers (ranunculus, peonies, poppies, tulips)
* subscriptions to New York's finest publications - The New Yorker, New York Magazine, New York Times Weekender
* hiking boots - not just any hiking boots though; I want old fashioned looking ones with red laces that wouldn't be out of place climbing through the Alps
* a perfectly preppy camel colored cashmere winter coat
* a classic, chic trench coat not unlike those made by Burberry OR a super cute yellow raincoat
* the greatest hat ever - Laura Wilder from Goorin Brothers
* winter weekend getaway - I'm talking snow snow snow, cozy fireplaces, spiked hot cocoa, and cabins!
* a star named after me with the National Star Registry so that I can say that I'm truly out of this world
the perfect plaid button down shirt in red to pair with a cute black mini (but not too mini) skirt
* Vitamix!!!
* more bike lanes in Baltimore - MD drivers aren't too great so I get nervous riding around here and I really miss riding my bike
* yacht rocking topsiders to wear on my brand new...
* sailboat! or maybe a day on a sailboat in the Autumn sunshine with a glass of rose and a picnic lunch
* a shiny, femininely masculine watch not unlike this one from Michael Kors
* navy blue Toms since my Chucks are not always outfit appropriate
* a giant, gaudy costume diamond necklace (to wear with my plaid shirt and mini skirt a la this cute ensemble
* Frye riding boots (perhaps a pair of jodhpurs and a pony to go with them)
* proper public transportation for Charm City so that I don't have to drive all over the place and I can explore all that this city has to offer safely (because I refuse to drink and drive and there's a lot of drinking to do around here)
* fancy DC dinner date and tickets to the live show of This American Life down there in February (maybe an overnight stay and a trip to the Smithsonian, too)
* membership to a fruit of the month club but only if none of the months are pears; I'm not a huge fan of pears
* lovely potted fiddle fig tree for the entrance to my bedroom
* cure for my allergies and asthma - they're a total pain in the ass and I hate being sick all the time and not being able to hang out with any of my friends since everyone seems to have dogs these days and I miss my friends
* balloons & sparklers & confetti & glitter
* decadent and sweet 30 layer birthday cake
* soft brown leather purse that gets better with age, just like me
* dance lessons - tap, tango, ballroom, ballet
* a time machine
* tower of macarons welcoming me to my glorious suite overlooking the Seine for a weekend in Paris!

I'm a size 9 shoe and wear a 6ish in clothes. You can also pick anything from my Pinterest page if you aren't so keen on the items on this list. I don't think I'm asking for too much, do you? After all, a gal only turns 30 once in her life so why not make a wish list that reaches for the stars - preferably one that's named after me!

* none of this is actually serious... well, except for the cake because I mean, look at that!

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