04 September 2011

shaken up, rattled, and no more rolling on my bicycle

After a bit of a disastrous run-in on Bushwick the other night, I find myself laid up at Bellevue Hospital with broken bones and stitches. Did you know that post-surgery they don't let you eat? So you can imagine that by the time my visitors rolled around today, I found myself longing for real food.

Thanks to my awesome kid sister (who is sort of writing this due to my drug induced state), I was able to turn down my gray roast beef, scalloped potatoes, and vegetable medley. After standing in line amongst some Russian tourists, she brought back a delicious meal from Shake Shack. We dined on ShackBurgers, a medium grilled burger topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and something called "shack sauce," and a side of crispy crinkled fries topped with a blend of American and cheddar cheese. For dessert, we shared a peanut butter milkshake (they refused to mix chocolate and peanut butter!) and a Concrete, another Shack specialty, made of vanilla custard and chocolate truffle cookie dough.

So for now, my red jello still sits untouched, and the mystery of what flavor red actually is will have to be saved for another day.

And, of course, a major thanks to my family for rushing to the city, my aunts for bringing me Reese's Pieces, and of course my gals, Isabelle and Vanessa, for keeping me alive to enjoy the Shack. xxoo.

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  1. Holy shit. What happened? I hope you are okay. Thinking of you!!!

  2. Figures you could find something to write about while you are in pain - now I want a Shake Shack burger! I love you Jillian! Aunt Kathyn

  3. Hey Jillian, heal fast!!