16 September 2011

i'm back!!!

I woke up this morning and realized that I was no longer limited to eating from the yucky plastic tray placed in front of me at the hospital!  No more crummy, cold bagels (a sin in NYC.  For heaven's sake, it's  New York!)  No more juice from concentrate, no plastic-wrapped slices of bread, so long gross muffins.  With minimal help from Aunt Patty (she chopped the onion and pulled out all the supplies for me,) I was able to prep a scrumptious welcome back breakfast.  Look what I made - 

Cheesy onion eggs, corned beef hash and a toasted English muffin!  Super simple but a huge step up from my breakfasts of late and a major feat since I whisked, stirred, buttered and served all on one leg.  Baby steps back to the kitchen.  Thanks for sending your good vibes and thank to Aunt Patty for being an amazing sous chef! 


  1. I love how you are so positive! I know it can be hard- but smiling and joking around really work. Get well soon Jill!!

  2. Awesome job Jillian! What's next? Mutton?! <3