21 September 2011

revuesday - 25 Burgers

I'm quite certain that my family is trying to fatten me up while I'm crashing here in New Jersey.  Even though they know I can't exercise, they insist on stuffing me with all kinds of gluttonous snacks and home-cooked goodness.  Just yesterday I got a call from my soon-to-be brother-in-law, Danny.  He happened to have the day off and (correctly) figured that I was bored and in need of a field trip so he offered to take me out to lunch.  Now, I've known Danny for a pretty long time now, so I knew it was safe to assume that we wouldn't be heading anywhere too exotic or out there but I also knew that I should prepare myself for a hefty meal because holy cow can that boy eat!  So when he asked what I was in the mood for, I decided on a burger knowing that he probably had an excellent spot in mind to grab a big and greasy slab of beef, which is exactly what I've been craving for about a week now.

He picked me up and off we went towards Bound Brook, NJ so that I could be introduced to the "best burgers ever" at 25 Burgers.  When we pulled up to the red roofed burger shack, I thought to myself 'I can do this.  I'll get the same burger with cheddar and mushrooms that I always order everywhere else and it will be delicious and my craving will be satiated.'  Boy, was I wrong.

I walked in and was punched in the face by the smell of awesomely greasy grilled beef and the sizzling fried goodness of potatoes and onions.  Hobbling up to the counter, I was dumbstruck by the 25 burger choices that I was faced with.  The menu boasted everything from your basic cheeseburger to a meat lover's burger topped with pepperoni.  How was my concussed mind supposed to choose?!  After about ten minutes of stammering indecisiveness, I picked the #2 Bullseye BBQ Burger - an Angus beef patty topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a fresh onion and poppy seed bun.  It didn't stop there though.  It was totally necessary that I add a side of onion rings with dipping sauce.  Apparently, Danny always orders the exact same thing when he goes to 25 Burgers (which I think is way more often than he'd care to admit.)  Alongside my #2 with rings was his side of Boardwalk fries and a #5 Trenton burger topped with pork roll and American cheese.  Tall glasses of root beer and Dr. Pepper rounded out our insanely fattening and wonderful meal.  We were both pretty pleased, maybe Danny more so than me because he got to brag about introducing me to Jersey's finest burger joint.  Somehow between the two of us we managed to devour nearly the entire tray of food.  I almost felt like I needed to get back into a wheelchair in order to get out of the restaurant because I was afraid that my crutches wouldn't be able to hold me up!

As we walked/crutched back to the car and snapped a picture of the perfectly simple signage out front, I noticed a Burger King across the street.  I'm not sure what corporate genius thought that was a good idea, but they were mistaken.  Burger King has lost it's crown to Jersey's own 25 Burgers.  Thanks Danny, for introducing me to the greasy goodness and local flavor of this awesome joint!  And for a much needed field trip and for the awesome super hero movies that you let me borrow!

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  1. Nice place! I've heard wonderful comments about this place. My friends says that their hamburgers are like the Krusty hamburgers on Simpsons movie.