15 September 2011

free bird

After spending the past twelve nights in uncomfortable beds at Bellevue, barely able to move, suffering noisy neighbors and nearly starving to death for lack of flavor in the food, I was released today!  Hooray!  Unfortunately, my leg and ankle are still broken leaving me with no other option than to hobble around on crutches.  This misfortune will provide me with very limited cooking abilities and possibly fewer kitchen adventures to blog about.  Fret not dear readers!  I will continue to provide you with yummy and delish reading material from the likes of my super amazing food loving friends, so stay tuned and show them some love!

In the meantime, I'll be hanging out in the jerz for a few days to get back on my feet (foot?) with the help of Ma and Pa at the olde homestead, 23.  With my leg elevated and the sick bell by my side, I'll be able to enjoy cable tv and savory homestyle cooking.  Maybe I'll even get Lizzie B to cohost a post with me and the kid sis!  Perhaps me and my daddy-o will head out for a beer and a burger at one of the local So Bruns watering holes that needs reviewing.  You never know what you might find at delirious kitchen... though you can be sure that I'll be getting the royal treatment while laid up here and I plan on sharing it with you.

After leaving the hospital and swinging by the Sweet Spot to grab a few necessities, we made a pit stop at Fette Sau.  It's insane how just a few days of poor quality, under-seasoned food can change your palette.  The smokey, spicy, fall-off-the-bone meats, the chunky hot baked beans, mustardy potato salad and warm, doughy rolls were out of control!  Seriously, it was like a carnival of flavors in my mouth and definitely worth the wait... maybe not worth broken bones, but worth an awful lot, that's for sure!

Though it may have taken a catastrophic injury for me to spend a little vaca time here with the folks, I plan on making the most of it.  Lots of family, loads of food, cable time, healing time, and rest.  Wish me well and stick around to enjoy what is sure to be a diverse and exciting few weeks here in the kitchen! xo

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