07 September 2011

guest post from the kid sister :)

While Jilly is laid up in Bellevue dining on Jello and what we think may be Salisbury steak, I thought I could fill-in for a post. Unfortunately, tonight's dinner came from a bag (it's soccer season, what can I say?), so it was not quite the inspirational meal my sister tends to present.

So, as today marks the ten-month mark until my wedding (eek!), I thought I'd share with you our wedding menu which was recently finalized. On July 7, 2012, my fiance and I will be getting married at the Lake Valhalla Club. When I envisioned my dream wedding, I always had the casual feel in mind and actually tossed around the idea of a pig roast. See, the real motivator for this menu style is my fiance's taste in food, which is about as refined as a seven-year-old.
The main dining room at LVC.

We went for a tasting a LVC with my parents and instantly fell in love with the food and cocktail selection. On top of all the deliciousness, the amount of food is actually quite outrageous. Our guests will enjoy an hour-and-a-half cocktail hour with 8 different passed appetizers, 4 carving stations, 2 live stations, five cold displays, and 6 hot chafing dishes.

For dinner, guests will enjoy a Caesar salad with pesto croutons (the only salad Danny eats), and one of four entries: Roast Tenderloin of beef served with bordelaise sauce; Chicken Valhalla stuffed with spinach, prosciutto ham and boursin cheese; Crabmeat stuffed lemon sole with champagne sauce; or Wild mushroom risotto cake with roasted vegetables and smoked tomato vinaigrette. Super psyched!

As for dessert, we're skipping the traditional cake and going with the almost-becoming-traditional cupcakes in various flavors. There's also a ridiculous amount of desserts that are offered at the Viennese table. We're still trying to work these out and would love some recommendations. Check out their menu and let us know what you would pick: Lake Valhalla Club Menu.

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