26 June 2013

being Blair Waldorf

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I have what many people would call 'good hair.' It's curly without being kinky, not too thick that it's heavily weighed down but not so thin that it's a constant mess of flyaways, a chestnut-y brown color, and straightens easily (so long as someone else has the patience to break out the blow drier because I sure as heck don't want to!) But despite the positive perks of my coiffure, I don't always love it like I should. Maybe it's because my hair didn't curl until I was about 13 going from slight beachy wave to full on curl seemingly overnight. It terrified me and resulted in a year of slicked back pony-tails and overly moussed crunchiness. But as the years went on, my style evolved and my ability to bring out the natural prettiness of my curls grew up.

(via Rosie Powers)
Then my life took some crazy turns and I decided I needed a change. And that change was bangs. For the past year and a half I've had a moptop of curls finished off with a thick row of straightened fringe. It was cute, fun and very a la mode. But I'm tired over having every day darkened by a half mask of hair and since I've recently joined the anti-shampoo club, bangs just look greasy and matted; especially in these summer months when their plastered to my forehead while the rest of my tresses are uncontrollably growing and frizzing like Monica's mess when the Friends were in Barbados. Dry shampoo is amazing and serums are great, but neither will salvage my curls in this Mid-Atlantic misery. Baltimore summers are as bad as Brooklyn's, I've merely traded the steaming subway grates for a humid harbor. So choosing to grow out my bangs with all of these factors stacked against me is a daring and grueling challenge in which I'm constantly forcing myself to put down the scissors and resist the urge to give up and trim back the bangs.

There's only one thing to do when the humidity comes on and the bangs are growing out - embrace the headband! Like the calm, collected and ever regal Blair Waldorf, a headband can always be the perfect accessory. Paired with the always classy top knot or ballerina bun, my Summer 'do is done and I'm free to carry on throughout my day without any nightmares - birds nesting atop my head, eating half my hair, being whipped blind when attempting 'windblown.' As the bangs get longer I can attempt a few more looks, even the Katniss side braid. But for now, I'm keeping it sleek and simple, just like Blair. So for today's Wednesday look, I grabbed a purple scalloped skirt from J. Crew, a colorful tank from Target, and a simple black headband. Classy, put-together and chic, just like Blair. What are your go to hairstyles for Summer months or bad hair days? Do you have a favorite hair accessory or hair style icon? Let me know, I don't have the headband storage space of our fab Upper East Sider!

Bonus! I came across this hysterical Buzzfeed list today -- 31 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand. It had me giggling all morning and sharing with all my fellow curly girlies!

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