25 June 2013

picnic, promenade & perigee

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Did any of you lovely readers take a moment or two this past weekend to step outside and gaze at the moon? In case you missed it, this past weekend's full moon was the largest super moon of the year. At it's perigee it was bigger, brighter and closer than any other full moons and was a mere 356,991 km from Earth! The view was very much a "Somewhere Out There" kind of sight. I knew I couldn't simply gaze out onto the light-polluted Baltimore Harbor to catch a glimpse of this magnificent sight, a sight that won't be seen again until August of next year. No, I had to venture to a quieter, darker locale to take in the moon in all of it's super glory. So, I packed a picnic and headed to Havre de Grace with honey by my side.

The drive up and down 95 is not an unfamiliar drive to me. Between Baltimore and Brooklyn my absolute favorite spot is the Millard E Tydings Memorial Bridge. The bridge carries you over the Susquehanna River sharing stunning views on either side of water and woods that appear to go on for days. But for as many times as I've driven back and forth over that bridge, I've never stopped to see what lies below it on the shores of the river. Turns out it's the cute little marina town of Havre de Grace, chock full of waterfront parks and docked sailboats. In other words, the ideal spot for an evening picnic and a view of the moon on the water.

The perfect summer evening picnic requires very little. All you really need is your honey, a tasty assortment of snacks, fresh ingredients, a beautiful view, and boxed wine. Yup, boxed wine. I'm not talking about those crummy boxes of wine that we once indulged in while throwing or attending "classier" college soirees, no no no. There has been a recent revolution in the prevalence of boxed wines at my local liquor stores. The boxes are not only easier and more economical to produce and recycle, they are also easier to travel with... and to sneak into outdoor film screenings, on beach outings and camping trips, and bring along on picnics! There is greater selection and higher quality in the boxed wines that are now available making a complete picnic so much easier and instantly swankier. A couple of Little Green Boxes in my basket rounded out the antipasta picnic I had packed - a sliced loaf of crunchy whole wheat baguette, fresh ricotta, fresh mozzarella, salami, roast beef, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, sauteed mushrooms and onions, mussels in white wine and garlic sauce, tapenade, basil pesto, olives, and balsamic heirloom tomato and artichoke salad. It was truly a feast.

We wrapped up our supper and with full bellies, took a stroll along the boardwalk in search of dessert. Of course a cute little town like Havre de Grace would have a perfect little ice cream parlor. Honey indulged in Mint Oreo while I was quickly set on Snickerdoodle after the gal behind the counter responded to my inquiry of it's taste by saying "it's perfect." Boy was she right - sweet cream with cinnamon and bits of snickerdoodle cookies, mmm. Strolling back along the moonlit waterfront, we snapped some photos and imagined sailing off into the night. It was an absolutely wonderful and super Summer evening. Do any of you darlings have a favorite picnic fare? What's your dream picnic? And do you know of any awesome picnic places in the Baltimore area? Share your super moon pictures and stories with me and maybe I'll share my next picnic with you! ;)

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