16 February 2012


While wandering around the blog-iverse the other day, I came across a posting at A Cup of Jo providing instructions from Smitten Kitchen's Deb for the best egg sandwich ever.  Since I'm a pretty major fan of a good egg and cheese sandwich, I read through and am sorry to say that I am a bit disappointed.  True, the cheese oozes out of the perfectly scrambled egg omelette sandwiched between a perfectly toasted English muffin, but there's no pizazz, no pep, nothing that shouts "I am an egg sandwich worthy of being deemed the best thing you've eaten all day!"  But if that's not the best damn egg sandwich ever made, what is?

I'll tell you.  Start with a few slices of thick, applewood smoked bacon.  Cook it up just right until its crispy but not crunchy and set it aside.  While your bacon is sizzling, shred up some extra sharp cheddar and slice up a perfectly ripe avocado into thin strips.  Pop a sliced whole wheat everything bagel into the toaster oven and let it get warm and just a bit toasty.  While the bagel is getting it's toasty on, get the frying pan, with a little bit of bacon fat still in there, nice and hot.  Crack two large eggs right on in and season with fresh ground salt and pepper.  Fry those eggs up carefully because a good egg sandwich has fried eggs, not scrambled.  Once you've flipped the eggs, toss that grated cheese on top and plop a lid on the pan so it gets nice and melty.  Pile the cheesy eggs, avocado and bacon on top of a half bagel, top with a little hot sauce or ketchup or spicy ketchup and top it off with the other bagel half.  Slice that monster in half and devour!  And that's how you make the best egg sandwich ever in the history of the world.

After reading the article and thinking about how outrageously delicious my egg sandwich always turns out, I had a bit of a craving for one myself.  But until tonight, I haven't had the opportunity to whip one up despite the fact that it takes less than 15 minutes to do so.  So when I got home I pulled a whole wheat bagel out of the freezer (it's important to keep a stash for moments just like this) I didn't have any everything bagels left, let it thaw out for a few minutes and got to cookin.  Breakfast for dinner is always so satisfying.  My sister and I always got really excited when my mom would whip up some eggs or waffles at 6PM, but could never come up with an appropriate name.  Breakfast at lunchtime is brunch but what is breakfast in the evening?  Brunner, breaker, suppfast?  Whatever you decide to call it, it's delicious and warm and hearty and satisfying... especially when you make the world's best egg sandwich. My egg sandwich.

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