07 February 2012

super duper

Football and food - two of my favorite things!  Though I didn't watch much football this year (without a gaggle of guys in the house, you sometimes forget that it's Sunday,) and though my team blew it (oh the Jets,) I do enjoy a good, spirited Sunday afternoon of junk food, beer and yelling at the tv.  For the first time in a long time, I was not subjected to playing hostess for the big day... that does not however excuse me from making something warm and delicious and football appropriate. 

And what's more appropriate for a Super Bowl party than a bowl of something super like my warm buffalo bleu cheese dip.  It's the easiest thing in the world to make - no need to miss any crucial plays or awesome commercials and certainly not a moment of the always awesomely over-the-top half-time special (insert sarcasm here.)  My dip is perfect for a good, hearty coating on spicy wings (courtesy of the boys and Frank's,) because it's thick and creamy and warm unlike your basic bleu cheese salad dressing.  It's also amazing with Frito's or sliced veggies for those who avoid meaty things, and we all know that can be kind of tricky on football days.  This is also the kind of recipe that your friends will rave about all night because they don't realize how simple it is to whip up and how few ingredients the recipe requires.  I will now share with you the true winner of the Super Bowl -

baby j's buffalo bleu cheese dip
16 oz cream cheese
8 - 12 oz crumbled bleu cheese (I like mine to be almost equal to the cream cheese)
1/8 c Frank's hot sauce (or any hot sauce, but Frank's is the best)
1/4 c cream or 1/2 & 1/2
dash of garlic powder
red pepper flakes
1. Mix cream cheese, bleu cheese, cream and hot sauce together in an oven-safe dish.  Add in garlic powder, s&p to taste.  Top with a splash of red pepper flakes.  Bake at 350 until the top starts to brown and sizzle, about 20 minutes.  Serve hot or room temp or cold, it's pretty delish no matter how you dish it out.

If you're feeling creative, you could add some crispy bacon, fresh chopped chives, even buffalo chicken if you don't feel like having messy fingers from handling wings all night!  I really love it with a bit of bacon, it kind of makes it taste like a spicy cob salad when you scoop it out with veggies.  And can it get any easier than that??

I don't believe that anyone at the party was a hardcore fan of either team but being that we're all New Yorkers by address, we were hoping to crush New England (which we did; awesomely!)  And we were all fans of my buffalo bleu cheese dip, that's for sure!  It was the game winning touchdown to our table of treats - spicy hot wings, seven layer dip, nachos, chili, chips, more chips, pretzels, veggies, even more chips, loads of beer, celebratory shots of whiskey, and cookies.  You could say we were all a bit bowled over by all the tasty snackage... buh dum bum.  It was a rollicking good time with a great group of people and wonderful food.  Now what major sporting event can we celebrate next?  I believe the bobsledding championships are coming up, anyone down for a party?

feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme

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