01 February 2012

oh yeah

is his coffee so strong that it will make my hair stand on end?
I recently started drinking coffee again.  While most people give up the muddy caffeinated goodness for the new year in an effort to be healthier and less dependent on things, I did the complete opposite.  You see, after working in a coffee shop for what seemed like forever, I became immune to the buzz and sick of the flavor.  But now I'm back and once again, I'm hooked.  Yes, I still have my daily glass of Ovaltine and I drink a few cups of blackberry sage tea for wisdom throughout my day at the school, but coffee has reentered my life as the perfect afternoon snack.  If you know me, you know that I like my coffee strong and dark (black like my eternally tormented soul) with enough cinnamon to create a sort of sludge in the last couple of sips.  So I'm always in search of a tasty cup that will relieve me of headaches and exhaustion and the everyday stresses of life in a library (nearly none at all, actually.)

Well whadaya know - just in time, my man David Lynch has released yet another commercial for his Signature Cup organic coffee.  I'm dying to try this and the commercial seems like such a tease since I have yet to see the coffe for sale anywhere but online!  I might just break down and order a few pounds but I'd much rather find some in a store around town.  Anyone know where a gal might procure some A+ beans?  I could really go for a damn fine cup of coffee.

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