07 November 2011


So, remember a few weeks back when I discussed my desire to start Meatless Mondays?  Well, I finally got around to taking notice of my carnivorous consumption today.  And then I realized that I totally put tuna on my ginormous salad this afternoon.  Beans, beets, onions, tofu, radishes and, yup, tuna steak.  But  after the fact, I started to wonder, does fish count as meat?  Pescatarians are considered to be in the family of vegetarians, but who made up that rule?  Was it other vegetarians that wanted to broaden their community or was it snooty meat eaters who wanted to exclude those among them who won't bite into a bloody steak smothered in garlic with a side of creamed spinach?  Or was it the fish eaters themselves who felt they didn't quite belong anywhere and wanted to confuse the heck out of all of us regular or irregular eaters?

With these thoughts in mind, I'd like to propose a question to all my folks out there, both veggie and meat-eatin' - is fish a meat?  Seriously, are pescatarians considered to be in the same family as vegetarians or not?  Because as I was preparing my salad this afternoon, I thought I was being all veggie friendly.  It wasn't until halfway through devouring it in the park that this question was brought to my mind.  So let me know what you think because I'm at a complete loss with this one.  Was I able to stick to my Meatless Monday goal, or did I fall flat on my face with failure?  Help this carnivorous gal figure it all out!!!


  1. I flirted with Pescatarianism, fluttered my eyelashes at various fish, and I never considered the bloodless fillet sauteing in the pan, or roasting in the oven with a drizzle of lemon and knob of butter, as meat.

    Oddly, I classify fish as 'meaty fish' and 'slimey fish,' monkfish being an example of the former and eel the latter, yet still, there is a mental disconnect, that even though fish have eyeballs and flesh, they ain't no bambi! ;)