26 November 2011

bright & bubbly

I'd like to give thanks for the newest member of the Matos-Kohler kitchen - a warm welcome to our SodaStream Fountain Jet!

We're big fans of seltzer in our house.  Isabelle says that's why we hang out in bars so much, because the seltzer is free.  But seriously, we have a lot of recycling every week because our Pellegrino consumption is out of control.  So with an aging gift certificate in hand, we took a rainy day trip to my favorite local shop, The Brooklyn Kitchen to pick up our new favorite kitchen gadget.  We splurged and bought the big CO2 canister and have a bet to see how long it lasts.  Since we went through two bottles the first night, it may not last as long as we thought, but at least we'll always be super hydrated!  And bubbly.

1 comment:

  1. seltzer is not free in bars, its just free for you fools. Also i want that skirt.