07 November 2011

the moment you've all been waiting for!

Thanks to everyone who entered the delirious kitchen Halloween costume contest giveaway!  I received some very excellent entries and am grateful for that extra internet-less day I had to make such an important decision.  Before we get down to the results, I have a few honorable mentions to take care of -

For being the only animal entry, my pup-neice Peanut Maya!  She gets enough lovin' and treats on a daily basis so I thought it would be unfair to let her win against some great human costumes... But boy does she make a cute little frog!

tuckered out from all the spooky excitement!

I hated to do it but I just had to disqualify one of my favorite entries in the name of fairness.  Even though she submitted not one, not two, but three amazing Halloween costumes to the contest, it just wouldn't be fair for my roommate to win the grand prize.  Come on now, she's my taste tester for just about everything I make in the delirious kitchen!  And you know she's going to snag a cookie or two from the winner's batch.  Really, all she needs to do is tell me she's hungry and I'm ready to whip up a tasty treat for her.  Plus, she gets to listen to my awesome megamix whenever the heck she wants so it's only out of fairness that I pull her from the running.  But if she weren't my roommate, this overachiever would have totally won!  

In third place, cute as buttons and certainly worthy of some extra special runner up treats come Christmastime, Darren and Ryan as sock monkeys!  Don't they just melt your heart with adorableness? I think they're probably still too young to really comprehend the awesome prestige that comes with winning a delirious kitchen costume contest, so hopefully taking third place is just a jumping point for these little dudes and their costumes will just get even better with time - though you can't get much cuter than this!  I told you it was tough being the solitary judge of this contest!

i was almost suckered into awarding these guys with first place...
i really am a sucker for cuteness
Second goes to the long distance entry from Corey all the way out in Arizona.  Her creepy flasher guy was not only creative, but let's just say she didn't come up short on any of the details... she really nailed it this year.  Unfortunately, this is a family blog (is it?  I'm actually not sure about that, but I like to think that folks of all ages can and do read it!)  Therefore, I am only able to show you this censored version of Corey's costume but trust me, she went all out!  Yay Corey and congratulations because you totally get an awesome prize for being a runner up!

i would definitely be creeped out if i saw this dude coming towards me on the street.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for (drumroll, please...)  The winner of the first (annual? we'll see) delirious kitchen Halloween costume contest is.............

Emilia as Louise Brooks!  Catering to my love of old Hollywood glamour (I went as Joan Crawford a few years back,) stylish sass, and costumes that require a whole lot of thought, Emilia got it all hands down.  Look at her, it's as if she just stepped out of the silver screen.  If it weren't for the guy with the ear buds next to her on the train, you might be tricked into thinking she was the real deal!  Well done young lady, bravo!  I love everything about this look - 

I'll be in touch shortly to get all the awesome prizes out to y'all.  Thanks again for entering the contest and congratulations to all my winners!  Now, let's get started on next year's costumes... my mind is already spinning with new prize ideas!!!


  1. great pick on the winner but I'll give beat her next year!

  2. If I only knew how to download a picture to this site, I know you would have considered Alex and Kevin, they went as Stan and Kenny from Southpark. The costumes were home made of course!