28 July 2011

novel nosh - An Atlas of Impossible Longing (part two)

Just in case y'all aren't avid readers of Sarah O's blog, desirous of everything, you should head over that way and check it out because it's definitely an awesome blog that I was very honored to be a part of this week.  While you're over there, check out my guest post - part one of our most recent novel nosh for Anuradha Roy's debut novel, An Atlas of Impossible Longing

Let's recap - the novel tells the story of three generations of an Indian family living during the first half of the 20th century while India was under British rule in a small town, secluded from the hustle and bustle of nearby Calcutta.  Through love, loss, mental illness, education, natural disasters and real estate, the story sucks you in with the richness of India's natural landscapes, chaotic history and one family's trials and tribulations.  Go read it.  Seriously, go to the library right now, check it out and devour it.  It's an ideal summer read and it's also truly inspiring.  Inspiring enough to lead me to experiment with fresh fruit and Indian food leading to my very first chutney.

Let's fast forward a bit and pretend you've already read part one of novel nosh!  So you should be well-acquainted with the mango chutney that was inspired by An Atlas of Impossible Longing, maybe even made your own batch, and are now eagerly curious to see how it went when I brought it along on ladies night with a few tilapia fillets.  Well, here you go -

I really wanted to grill the tilapia and since it was Paula's turn to host and she has a grill AND a backyard, our plan was falling into place.  Then the rain came, monsoon style rain like the kind in the book.  Instead, we rubbed the fish with a little bit of sofrito and fresh lime juice before sauteing it in a hot pan with a drop of oil and lots of green onions.  We slathered the heck out of that fish with the cool mango chutney and it was the perfect combination of creamy, sweet and spicy.  Alongside some more of that squash slaw, some breaded pork chops (surf & turf,) and Paula's potato salad, the meal was complete and a success.  Isabelle, the doll she is, rode over with a couple bottles of Red Bicyclette and some funny lady movie action so we all stuffed our faces and busted our guts laughing!

marley helped clean up

After supper, Isabelle and I headed out for a nightcap that led to a raucous game of darts.  In all honesty, it was my first time playing darts so it was long and tedious but I did win!  Though I have a sneaking suspicion Isabelle let me win in order to keep me out past my bedtime... but it was super fun and now I have a weird pain in my arm from all that dart throwing which makes me feel like a total weenie who needs to do a few more push-ups every night!  Que sera, another successful ladies night!

Tonight, I have the pleasure of getting together with Sarah for a bite and a bit of a reunion.  She sent me this amazeballs bit of info earlier today - her guest post related tweet was picked up by the publisher of An Atlas of Impossible Longing who also tweeted (is that right, 'tweeted'?) it then sent the link on to the author!  If any more cool stuff like this happens, I might start getting a big head about it.

So, since it's Thursday night and it might rain and you're keeping quiet and prepping for the weekend, I suggest the following activities for your evening - follow Sarah O at desirous of everything and love it, whip up a quick batch of mango chutney to enjoy at this weekend's barbeque, check out this great video interview of Anuradha Roy and then start reading An Atlas of Impossible Longing.  Happy Thursday!

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