11 May 2011

woeful to wahoo wednesday

So today was kind of a crumby day.  I woke up and then forced husbo to let me sleep for another half hour.  That extra sleep meant that I wouldn't be able to ride my bike to work... which I haven't done in almost two weeks.  I've been a super lazy bum which totally infuriates plus the dress I wore today felt a little tight and would probably fit more comfortably if I just rode for one week.  But the only thing that gives me any energy or fitness these days is exercise and the only exercise I enjoy is riding my bike.  I'm too poor and shy to join a gym, I hate running, and I only like athleticism that doesn't feel like work.  Bike riding it is!  Unfortunately, the difference between me riding to work and taking the subway is about five minutes of glorious, restful sleep.  Well, I paid for my laziness when my train got stuck for 20 minutes under the East River and had to run to the office, a very rough start.  Then, I found out that the job I applied for wasn't mine to have.  The position was unfortunately already filled and, though I'm completely used to rejection when it comes to employment, this was an especially crushing blow.  It was my dream job - a foodie librarian.  I would have been perfect for it.  Between my frazzled frustration from being late, my lazy exhaustion, and the bad news, I felt like I was in for a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Then I found out that today was Eat What You Want Day!  Well eat what I wanted to eat I did... and then some.  Iced Kona coffee (thanks Gabby!) for breakfast, leftover cake (yes, I'm still eating mother's day cake) for mid-morning snack, a cupcake for lunch, cheese and crackers for mid-afternoon snack, seafood alfredo pasta and Texas toast for supper, and sherbert for dessert.  I also bought the husbo a Reese's milkshake because he had a super busy day. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't drink a little bit of that, too.  But no worries, I was just giving my all to the holiday.  Happy Eat What You Want Day!  I'll be sure to prepare for this one a little better next year.

I also got some interesting news that might have a little something to do with my tasty Summer beverage.  In the dreary depths of Winter I'm strictly a tea drinker.   But come the warm weather, I gotta have my iced coffee.  I like to make percolator full and put it in a pretty pitcher to keep in the fridge so I can have a nice tall glass every morning before I leave for work.  Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Twin Peaks Coffee!  Not quite, but apparently the amazing Mr. Lynch has put out his own line of coffee and I need to find some.  Imagine a Twin Peaks viewing party with donuts and pie and David Lynch's personal blend of coffee... to me that sounds like the greatest evening ever.  And check out this commercial.  Where's my log?

Because I still needed a bit of a giggle, even after all that awesomeness, cinematic sandwiches.  Man I love sandwiches.  I should have eaten a sandwich today.

But the best news of the day, the kind of news that makes me forget about all the crumminess in the entire world, came when I found out that I'd boyfriend will be speaking next week!  That's right, none other than Anthony Bourdain at the Union Square B&N on Tuesday!!!  Here's the info if anyone wants to join me - best Tuesday evening ever!  It's free which is awesome and it's right down the street from work so I can get there nice and early.  I plan on waiting in line so that I can attempt to convince Tony that we should be best friends; I think it's meant to be.

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