23 May 2011

the most important meal of the day

This morning, as I was about to walk out the door, I asked the Mr. to toss me the last granola bar.  He then informed me that he had eaten the last one already.  Damnit!  I had to walk a little faster so I could get to work a couple minutes earlier and run into the Duane Reed across from my office to buy another box and stash it at my desk to avoid this lack of granola bar problem in the future.  And you know what?  They didn't have the kind I like so I had to buy the icky store brand which really do not taste as delicious.  At this point, my entire day had been thrown off.

But this wouldn't have been a problem about a year ago.  I didn't used to eat breakfast.  Then I decided that, since all the healthy eating people I know said it was healthier to start your day off with a small meal, I'd try it.  Now I can't go without breakfast.  During the week I usually just grab a granola bar or some yogurt with tea or coffee.  On the weekends, Chef Husband comes out and whips up insanely delicious omelets and killer breakfast burritos - his specialty.  Last weekend, I had a dream about my perfect breakfast and when I woke up, he was making it.  He handed me a cup of tea, an omelet with chopped tomatoes, spinach, swiss, and gruyere, and mini crab cakes.  A real life dream come true!

straight from my sleeping brain to my belly.

And sometimes I'll bless the kitchen with my breakfast skills including the world's best pancakes.  Seriously, I made them for some hostel-mates in Budapest and they were a huge hit!  And if you've ever stayed in a hostel, you know those people come from all over the world which actually makes my pancakes truly world famous.  Just saying...  I also make some damn good waffles thanks to the amazing waffle maker I got from the in-laws last xmas.  Fresh ground cinnamon.  That's my secret.

But back to my breakfast dilemma.  I think I need to start branching out from crunchy granola and yogurts in the AM.  I need some new ideas for quick and healthy early morning snackage.  So please, dear readers, help my grumbly morning belly get full and prevent me from being cranky all day.  For now, I'll just be stuck with the same old same old, but I'll browse through this awesome collection of vintage cereal boxes for fun anyways.  Seriously, help me out and toss some quick morning meal ideas my way!

beyond breakfast - a few very deserved shout outs

How jealous is everyone of my mom and her amazing peonies?  Seriously, when I want peonies I have to go to the bodega and shell out at least ten bucks.  And that only gets you maybe three or four and they usually don't last much longer than five days.  My mom, she just goes out back, makes a few clips, and fills a few mason jars.  Oh to have a backyard.

And check out the clematis.  Well done Lizzie B, well done.

Secondly, many thanks to my gal Meg who saved me from my breakfast disaster by stuffing me full of donuts.  Everyone knows how much I love donuts and with today's ensuing sour attitudes and nuttiness, I was compelled to eat two and a half donuts.  I'm not sure if this really deserves a thank you because it is a bit excessive even for me but Meg, you are a sweetheart!  Thanks for being awesome and salvaging my day with sugary goodness.

Finally, one of my very wonderful and amazing students who will be leaving the land of the library soon for big time college life surprised me with an absolutely amazing "parting gift" today.

Carter, you rock... maybe even more than Elvis himself.  I hope you had a blast at the concert.  I love it when people surprise me with such thoughtfulness and kindness; between the donuts and the shirt, I was overwhelmed by unexpected awesomeness.  I really needed this after the kind of day I had today.  This is my new favorite shirt!

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