18 May 2011

revuesday - Piccolo Cafe

I'm a very impulsive person.  I get super excited about things and don't always think them through which often results in oops moments; the kind of times when I think to myself 'I didn't plan this all the through, now did I?'  Tonight was one of those nights.  I was so excited about last week's Anthony Bourdain discovery that I completely neglected to check the date of the event.  So Justin and I strolled into Barnes and Noble to see him and who do we see instead?  Scott Weiland.  Though the two gentlemen may have some similarities (aging rock star types, drug riddled pasts, sexy skinniness,) the two are not the same.  Imagine my disappointment when I saw Mr. STP instead of my favorite gypsy foodie.  Fortunately, I didn't miss the Anthony Bourdain reading because it's actually next Tuesday which works out a little better because it gives me time to actually read his book and come up with a really good question for him (other than 'can we be best friends' of course.)  I was still pretty bummed though; I had been looking forward to meeting him all day.

But all was not lost.  Before we went to the bookstore, we made a quick supper stop to pick up sandwiches that we could smuggle in and eat while scoring good seats.  We stopped in to Piccolo Cafe since it's right around the corner from work.  Yum yum yum.  If like me, sandwiches are your favorite food, this is the place for you!  Their sandwiches are out of control delicious.  Though they're a little pricey and they are certainly not fast food (order to eat time is at least 15 minutes) the eats are worth it.  The ingredients are always amazingly fresh - rosemary focaccia, bitter arugula, thick basil pesto, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, truffle oil... so decadent.  My apologies to the traditional Italian delis that are good for a quickie sub, but I must say that these sandwiches are waaay better.  Tonight we got two to split - a tuna and tomato, and a buffalo mozzarella with prosciutto, arugula, tomato and pesto.  Each order comes with a perfect little cup of Spring salad greens with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette.  I attempted to catch a shot of our meal before we dug in but as you can see, the Mr. had already started digging in.

he's such a little piggie!

Though we didn't indulge this time (since we thought we had to run to a book reading,) their espresso is a must after your meal.  Rich and dark and creamy like real coffee should taste.  It's how I imagine beans are brewed in Italy.  The have a beautiful old machine and they really put a lot of time and love into each shot.  The decor in the small space is simple put together with some family antique percolators and images of the old country.  Above the large butcher block tables hover these excellent lamps shaded with coffee bean bags.

i love these

I've been able to resist temptation so far and haven't tried any of their decadent looking desserts.  But now that it's Summer and they've added gelato to their offerings, I might have to give in to my sweet tooth.  Mr. Softee can only do so much, after all.  I'll be sure to give an update when I finally drag myself away from the savory and try out the sweet.

Other than being a convenient lunchtime spot near work, I love this place because the sandwiches are just like the ones I would make if I weren't a lazy bum.  The perfect thing to pack for a picnic in Union or Stuyvesant or Washington Square.  And we all know how much I love a good picnic!  So if you're in the Gramercy/Union Square area and you find yourself craving a sandwich, fear not.  The Piccolo Cafe will treat you right and satisfy you fully!

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