02 May 2011

food + books + art = ingredients for awesome

Every once in a blue moon, the planets align to allow a few of my favorite things to join forces and become something amazing.  This coming Wednesday is predicted to be that kind of day!  I'm sure by now you've realized how much I enjoy food, but you may not know (or read the little side bar intro) that I am a librarian and that books are my original love.  I also have a fudged minor in art history and a false belief that I can actually create some art of my own.  With that info, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this on the upcoming events calendar for the Center for Book Arts -

Wednesday, May 4, 6:30 pm:
Artist Talk: With Food in Mind
With Nicole Caruth, Heather Hart, Elaine Tin Nyo,  
Maya Suess, and Tattfoo Tan

The exhibit looks really awesome, and I imagine that hearing the artists speak will make for a great event.  So I guess you know how I'll be spending my Wednesday evening.  If anyone out there is interested in accompanying me to the lecture and maybe out for drinks afterwords, let me know... we can make an evening out of it!

Check out some of the exhibit images on the Center's flickr page.

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