03 June 2011

national donut day!

How did I not know this was happening?!?!  I just ran across the street with Meg for my Friday iced coffee (I'm only allowed to splurge once during the work week or else I'd go broke) and they told us that we get free donuts with our beverages.  What a lovely surprise!  For a second I thought the guy at the register was just being nice since I look awfully cute today, but the Meg pointed out a sign announcing today as National Donut Day.  Expect more on this glorious holiday later as I plan on eating at least three donuts... hmmm Donut Plant or Peter Pan?  Decisions decisions.

That's me at Apollo in Sunnyside, Queens.  Simple, delicious and around the corner from Nick and Jenessa!  This, like Peter Pan in my neck of the woods, is the best kind of classic donut shop.  Now, enjoy a brief photo series of me eating tasty fried dough!

Dulce de leche from Dough at the Brooklyn Flea.  I still haven't been to the shop, but for two bucks a pop, sweet sweet wonderousness every Sunday morning.  They have crazy flavors like chocolate chipotle, Earl Gray, and toasted almond.  They're big, they're not too expensive and they're one of my new favorite traditions on weekend mornings while browsing the wares at the flea market!

A vegan donut from Baby Cakes.  Not the best but I am biased as a hard core carnivore.  Hey, at least I tried something new.  I think it was caramel flavored and it tasted a little mealy.  The flavor was there, the texture was weird and something about it just felt wrong.  That was done only for you, Kelsey!  Crazy vegans.

The dessert table from my wedding.  Notice my favorite donuts in the whole world from the Donut Plant.  Yeah we cut a cake, but we also wanted both our favorite desserts - baklava for Justin from Poseidon Bakery and a selection of Donut Plant donuts for me!  I'm pretty sure everything but the cake was devoured before dinner was even served.  The Plant always has the most amazing flavors like carrot cake, creme brulee, hibiscus, lemon meringue, and peanut butter and jelly.  Each one blows your min with it's tastiness and even the most wild flavors never seem to be over done.  They still simply taste like a donut.  The only thing is, you have to go at the exact right time so as not to wait on a super long line... but I won't tell you what time that is because I never want to wait for my donuts!  Now there's a new one  at the Chelsea Hotel but unfortunately, I don't think it's as good as the original, but it'll do in a pinch.

My holiday surprise from Dunkin.  Definitely not my fave and certainly nothing to write home about, but a free donut is a free donut and don't tell me that one wouldn't put a big fat smile on your tired face.  You'd totally be a liar.

The classic mound of white powdered goodness filled with cream, not pudding.  This sucker is from Peter Pan right here in Greenpoint and, though the Plant has my ultimate love, I have a soft spot for the simplicity of this old-fashioned spot with the wrap-around coffee bar.  Their cream filled donuts remind me of the ones I used to get at the bakery around the corner from my house growing up.  They use that lovely red and white string to tie up boxes of donuts, their coffee is good, they're close to my apartment, and in the summertime, they make donut ice cream sandwiches.  Out of control!  Oh yeah, Tina Fey likes their donuts too!

Oh happy day!  I leave you, dear readers, with one of my favorite donut cameos - the constant presence of my favorite confection in Twin Peaks.  Almost as big a deal as Laura Palmer in the small Washington town.  Look at those lucky gentlemen; oh to be so blessed!

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