22 June 2011

dessert and a movie - Bridesmaids

Now that I'm on summer vacation, I have a whole lot more time on my hands.  Time to catch up on things and relax.  What better way to relax than by going to a matinee movie on a sticky, humid day?  I love going to the movies by myself.  This isn't to say that I don't love a good movie date every once in a while but, there's just something about sitting in the cool, dark theater that gives me pleasure... maybe it's as simple as being able to have my popcorn exactly how I want it instead of covered in fake butter like the hubby eats it.  I love being able to totally dive into the story and the images, the world around me falling away.  And since the past few weeks have been pretty rough going for me, I wanted to lose myself in laughter.  

i hope me & the gals look this fab for tricia's i dos

So, I went and saw Kristen Wiig make a riotous ass out of herself.  Gosh I love that girl; the way she allows her entire body to become part of her comedy is something beautiful.  The entire cast of Bridesmaids was freaking hilarious, causing me to laugh so much (really loudly) that I got to skip my belly exercises last night!  And whadayaknow, my gal Kristen plays a baker in the movie!  Funny and cake makes for a great movie.  All those sweets and the core story of wedding planning brought me back to my own wedding (exactly eight months ago tomorrow, wow how time flies!)  So in honor of a wedding themed funny gal flick, my anniversary, and cake, here's a look at the slew of sweets we enjoyed on our big day... or didn't enjoy since the guests went nuts and ate everything leaving the hubby and I with only a couple measly bites of wedding carrot cake.  I'm not bitter, there's still cake in the freezer.  Enjoy -

riverdale's own - best carrot cake in the world.
well, second best. mine's better.

best baklava in nyc

our dessert table consisted of:

wedding cake from lloyd's carrot cake up in the bronx
bride's fave - donuts from the donut plant
groom's sweets - baklava from poseidon bakery
oatmeal raisin & chocolate chip cookies from Steph B
ice cream

or was it panna cotta? i don't even remember seeing this.

i love cake so much.  i think it made my new hubby a little jealous.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, run to the theater and catch it before it goes away.  Trust me, you do not want to wait six months for the dvd because you deserve to have this much fun at the movies right now!  My tip for today: laugh hard and always leave room for dessert. xo

Correction - Thanks to my MOH for pointing out that Steph B was the master baker of wedding cookies.   The sweet disposition gals did indeed make my super yummy shower cupcakes.


  1. Correction: The Sweet Disposition gals made your shower cupcakes...the awesome Steph B. made your cookies!

  2. Nothing as a special place for a special occasion don't you think?