20 June 2011

guest post: sunday adventures in brooklyn from Lauren of pepper&poppy

Hello dear readers of Delirious Kitchen! Lauren, here, from pepper&poppy. I was really excited and super flattered when Jillian asked me to write a guest post for her lovely blog. It took me some time to put something together because when I write a guest post, I write a guest post.  Last weekend, Jillian took Tricia Gail, her little sister, and me, her number one fan, on a deliriously fun jaunt through some of her favorite food and thrift-related spots in Brooklyn. While I could impress you with more puns and "tell" you all about the delicious treats we ate and the hand-made treasures we purchased from the ever-talented Renegade Crafters, I'd rather "show" you with a photo story. Enjoy:

Brunch, yum.

Egg's glorified take on Munchkins.

Jillian: Scrapple scares me but this did look good.

Lauren: Anything on a biscuit is great, pair it with grits = heaven.

Tricia: 2 words, candied bacon. Dayum.

Peanut butter puck? Duck? Whatever, it was really good.

I still don't know how this didn't get stuck in Jillian's hair forever or how she made this look so darn cute.

He asked me if I wanted him to move, of course I didn't.

Shara Porter made my new bicycle wallet.

Science pillows for The Princess and the T

Shouldn't you be writing a little more eastbound?

chez sucre chez

If my culinary repertoire is limited to baked goods, can I still fill one of these out?

Vintage Pyrex for sale!

I may have needed a moment alone after seeing these.

Our Sunday adventure concluded with full stomachs, empty wallets, and big smiles. A BIG thank you to Jillian for showing Tricia Gail and me the delicious and thrifty side of Brooklyn. I had so much fun and I can't wait to see more!

<3 L

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  1. I love Brooklyn! they have the most awesome food in this world !