28 June 2011

cherry challange / tuesday tidbits

The other day, I got an email from Lizzie B that went a little something like this -

           "so I don't forget I'm emailing you this.  thinking of a dessert 
           using cherries.  both golden and red. thinking I could soak the
           cherries in some sort of syrup. either simple syrup or an 
           amaretto.  let them sit for a few days. pour on top of vanilla 
           ice cream and crumple almond biscotti on top and maybe
           bottom of glass. clear glass to make it prettier."

Hmmm, this sounds a bit like a challenge.  I love cherries, one of my favorite summertime fruits.  In the fridge right now are some sour cherries, big fat red cherries, and Queen Anne cherries.  Now, to use them in a recipe like my mom described but make it my own?  Let the brain wheels start spinning with some new recipe ideas... challenge accepted!

and now for some tuesday tidbits...

As fellow food lovers, I'm sure you already receive the daily recipes from Martha Stewart.  If you don't you definitely should because every day I get another great idea.  Occasionally I actually make and follow the recipes she sends my way, but more often than not I just use them as a springboard, a little culinary inspiration to tweak and make my own.  And sometimes, the planets align, all the spoons fit together, and I'm sent a recipe using only things that I already have in the house that turns into a delicious meal.  I think tonight might be one of those nights since just this morning I took some salmon out of the freezer to defrost with no ideas of how I would prepare it when, whammie!  Martha's Salmon with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze pops up in my inbox.  Kismet, serendipity, luck?  Call it what you will but I think I'll call it supper.  Don't worry, I'll keep you informed of the results and the final recipe.

I'm loving this guide to eggs.  Every week at the green market it seems that there are new eggs that I've either never seen before or would never in a million years know what to do with other than scramble.  Now that I have this handy cheat sheet, I know that goose eggs are great for baking and quail eggs are perfect for salads!  Expect a future post.

A happy day after your birthday to my Uncle Rich who, by the looks of it, might be as big a fan of picnics as I am!  I plan on making some Philly Beer Pretzel Caramels for you... and for Lady Baty because she's actually the one who gave me the idea.

sweet mustache uncle rich!

Check out the awesome little ad my sister made for me -

You can see it all July long on desirous of everything as I sponsor my pal Sarah O's blog.  And stay tuned for my guest post.  I promised excitement!

Also, I made Lou Reed giggle at a book event for his new sorta kinda graphic novel (it's more like art inspired by poems inspired by other poems) at the Strand last night.  It was awesome!  He likes my tattoos.  Now if only I could get him and Anthony Bourdain to hang out with me... what a trio we'd be.

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