06 April 2011

wednesday smörgåsbord

How about a quick midweek note about some goodies that have come my way over the past couple of days? Sounds good to me!

New York is full of free samples.  People are always standing around handing out granola bars or tastes from the new dumpling shop or froyo joint.  Just last week there were three food trucks giving out treats to advertise new tv shows.  Well yesterday, as I was walking by the Flatiron, there were some folks giving out little bottles of the newest flavor of coconut water.  It was chocolate!  Coconut water is awesome for a lot of reasons: it's tasty, hydrating, full of potassium, cures hangovers.  Add a little chocolate and creamy coconut and what do you get?  A healthy liquid Mounds bar!  It was awesome and I think the Easter Bunny needs to put a case of it in my basket.

Have you seen the latest issue of Saveur?  It's the sandwich issue.  Sandwiches are pretty high up on my favorite foods list and I pride myself on making a damn good turkey club.  They're really the perfect food (portable,versatile, share-able) and are certainly deserving of their own post.  But for now I'll just chat up the coverage they get in the magazine.  The editors give readers recipes for all kinds of goodness on a roll: international sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, stacked sandwiches, dessert sandwiches... you get the idea.  Plus there are beer and soda pairings for a bunch of the recipes, too!  One of the standout things about the sandwich is that it is the perfect picnic food.  Going on a picnic is such a treat and this year my outdoor eating experiences will be extra special since I get to break in the new picnic basket that Nick and Jenessa gave us for our wedding!  I really enjoy planning themed menus and picnic themes are always fun.  With all the ideas Saveur is giving me, I'll be able to plan many menus for the upcoming months of alfresco dining.  Bahn Mi on the beach anyone?  I sense a beautiful friendship blooming between me, the sandwich issue, and the picnic basket.

best wedding present ever!
Speaking of themed meals, I've started working on my menus for Passover and Easter.  They're gonna be delicious.

And speaking of sandwiches (or at least sandwich-like foods,) does Iceland really have the world's best hot dog?  As a hot dog connoisseur, someone who was born of a mother who craved nothing but hot dogs throughout her entire pregnancy, I feel that it is my duty to find out.  I suppose I've found my next vacation destination.

An elderly French man whispered 'tres jolie' as I passed him.  It could have been creepy but I'm in a good mood so I'll think it was sweet instead.  Perhaps something French for dinner?  Or better yet, a French 75 after work!  A stop on the way home at The Richardson or a detour to sip at Madam Geneva?  Tough call.

Happy Wednesday!

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