14 April 2011

pot luck thursday

For dinner last night I made a bit of Southern country goodness - fried chicken, collared greens, corn bread and potato salad.  While prepping the potato salad, the eggs rattled around in the pot and I got to thinking.  I quickly realized that this was the first time I had ever hard boiled eggs.  Can you believe it?!  I love egg salad but the smell grosses me out so I only go out and get it once in a blue moon (on a toasted everything bagel, yum) and straight up hard boiled eggs are icky; I never even think about having them around.  It turns out I've never had any reason to make hard boiled eggs on my own.  Well I have now put eggs in bubbling water and I managed to not screw it up... hubby even thought the potato salad was delish!

Speaking of salads I thought I'd share my two secrets to perfect chicken salad:
1. Always use a rotisserie chicken!  They are so juicy and tender and delicious.  Toss the skin and tear into the bird, shredding it by hand into bite sized pieces.  It's really better than any other kind of chicken.
2. Edmond Fallot Tarragon Dijon Mustard.  The dijon adds a tiny bit of spicy bite while tarragon compliments the chicken like no other herb can.  I mix a heaping spoonful of it right in with the mayo, salt & pepper, celery and fresh parsley.  Sometimes I even add another smear to the bread.
Pile it all on warm wheat toast and slap on a slice of swiss.  Perfect sandwich every time!

But you'd better think twice if you plan on packing that sandwich for lunch.  At least if you live in Chicago and go to this school.  I work at a school that takes pride in the healthy, balanced and creative lunches they serve the students and faculty members.  But last time I checked, most schools I've been to didn't put as much thought into their lunch service.  Would Jaime Oliver have to do this if they did -

Well would he?  Those in favor of the plan to ban brown bagging argue that they've seen too many students bring junk food like sodas and chips with their field trip lunches.  I don't know about you, but I always got special treats in my field trip lunches.  A Twinkie at the Museum of Natural History or Funny Bones at the Franklin Institute made a good day even better.  And that was the only time I got special snacks like that because everyday lunches were just that - bland everyday lunches.  Should kids have to suffer through cafeteria slop because they get a treat every now and then?  Opinions, please!

While on a health note, I was browsing through the news blogs while on a break and came across this little bit of information.  Cherries to cure headaches?  I almost wish I had more headaches.  Not really, but I do wish those beautiful blossoms would fall and bring an abundance of the sweet and tart fruit our way.  Oh how I love cherries!  I wonder if the healing properties of the super fruit are as effective when baked into a pie...

But I'll be a good girl and pick the healthier option.  My mother has discovered a new yogurt.  Liberte is super rich and creamy but still thick like the Greek yogurts I love.  So far I've only tasted coconut and lemon flavors.  They taste like cream pies so they can be your not-so-guilty pleasure.  Let me know if you spot them in Brooklyn.

And now some food for thought.  Swing by Desirous of Everything and join Sarah in a celebration of Teen Lit Day.  It's simple: just print out the book plate and slap it into a YA book before leaving it in a public place for another reader to find.  I'm definitely joining in on the fun, will you?

Plus, women who whiskey?  Count me in!

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