12 April 2011

a sojourn to so bruns

This past weekend, the husbo and I made a trip to my hometown of South Brunswick, NJ to visit some family and run a few errands.  After a quick trip to the dentist (no cavities!) we decided to take my kid sis out for lunch at one of the town's oldest establishments - Burrito Royale.  The place has been there since 1975 and has been a part of local lore since the day it opened; my mom went there when she was in high school, so did my cousins, so did I.  This place may look like a dive on the Southbound side of Route 1 next to a gas station, but visit it and you'll soon realize it's truly a tiny little one room Mexican food oasis.  

New sign, same satisfying food.

Now, there's definitely nothing fancy about this spot, but it's guaranteed to be an inexpensive and delicious quickie lunch in the SoBro area.  Husbo, sis and I delighted in a classic burrito, a chili enchilada, and chicken burritos slathered with guacamole.  Simple and fresh food that hit the spot and cured Justin's week-long burrito crave-fest.  

Before this visit I hadn't been to Burrito Royale in about as many years as it's been since I went to the dentist.  But no matter how often or infrequently you pull into the gravel parking lot and grab some grub to eat on the wobbly picnic tables or bring home to your own casa, this place is guaranteed to leave you totally pleased with the few bucks you spent.  The menu hasn't changed since the first time I visited and it doesn't seem like the prices have changed much either.  Be sure to check it out next time you're driving down the suburban stretch of the Atlantic Highway in central Jersey.

All this for less than a Taco Bell date night!

Stuffed and satisfied we headed down to TCNJ to see my fab sister-in-law perform as Gloria in the college's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie.  She's awesome and the jazz hands were out of this world!  Later on, we strolled through Princeton grabbing a few drinks with the wacky alums in their orange and black regalia.  No joke, those Princeton U folks are funky fly when the P-rade rolls around.  But no matter how exciting the fancy kilts and bow ties were, the simplicity of tasty Mexican grub at Burrito Royale was the highlight of our visit to the jerz! 

He'll learn to love NJ even if it takes the rest of our lives!

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  1. i always had a feeling that place was a diamond in the rough. just never got the nerves to stop on rt1. i see a trip in the near future.