16 October 2013


You might recall that I recently celebrated a pretty big birthday. As part of the celebration I created my ultimate 30th birthday wish list and included some crazy out of control items. Unfortunately, I didn't get that sailboat but I did get a glam necklace, some new kicks, a perfect potted plant, and the watch that I really wanted. I have the greatest family ever and really did celebrate a truly fantastic day that I will forever be grateful for. And I'm lucky to be grateful for so much more.

That blingin' watch that my kid sister got for me doesn't just help me look even more superfly than I normally do, it also helps the world in a little way by contributing 100 meals to the United Nations World Hunger Programme. Today is World Food Day and in an effort to promote the cause and help hungry people around the world, Michael Kors and the World Hunger Programme have teamed up once again. By flashing my wrist around on the interwebs, I'm helping out too and that makes me feel mighty good. Heaven knows I wouldn't even have a food blog if I didn't have food. Food is my passion and it makes me sad to think that there are people out there who aren't able to indulge and enjoy the way I am able to. Every little bit counts in the fight to end world hunger, education and promotion is important. So do what you can, even if it's just to take a moment to be reflective of what you have, and watch hunger stop.

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