04 October 2013

the end of an era

time to carbo-load!
Happy birthday eve to me! I'm spending the last Friday evening of my twenties quietly reflecting on the past 29 years of my very eventful life. That's right, rather than going out and partying til four in the morning and relishing in the joys of a new decade, I'm sitting on my couch, blogging, reading, watching my stories, and thinking. Since I've got a pretty big day tomorrow I'm trying to take it easy tonight; so easy that I'm not even treating myself to a glass of wine. What?! You see, my birthday gift to myself is the gift of health wrapped up in the running of my very first 5k tomorrow morning! To prepare for it I'm carbo-loading with a big bowl of spaghetti, spinach, meatballs ala Lizzie B, and sauce with tomatoes and basil from my garden and Mom's. I've got to be sure to get to bed early(ish) tonight so that I'm not terribly tired in the AM but I can't finish this decade without giving you one last update, the final ten essential things that I've got to accomplish before turning 30. Here goes -

not much has changed... at least I know how to use a fork these days.

91. - 94. - This handful of essential things are a little scandalous and I'm pretty sure my grandmother reads this blog. They're about personal, financial or sexy-time kind of things and you'll just need to trust me when I tell you that they've been accomplished and can absolutely be checked off.
95. Dub the "Greatest Hits"from your childhood - I spent all day trying to come up with thirty songs that really capture my childhood. It was way too hard. I didn't really know what years counted as childhood years - was it Disney through Depeche Mode, Raffi to Radiohead, B52s to Bon Iver? I was so confused. So, I came up with a list of thirty songs that really make me feel like a kid when I hear them; songs that hold specific memories of my very much younger days. I present them for your listening pleasure!

96. Be your own muse - Like so many other items on this list, this one did not come easy and it did not come quickly. It's taken me nearly all thirty years of my life to finally find inspiration in myself and it absolutely shouldn't have. I've accomplished so much and been through even more. I not only finished college but I also went on to get my MLIS. I've sang karaoke in three different countries. I've compiled a collection of delicious recipes that I'd be proud to serve at any fancy dinner party. I've got an amazing group of friends and great relationships with everyone in my family. I broke my leg two years ago and tomorrow I'm running a 5k. I am an inspiration and I will be one for myself for all the rest of my years.
#97. Picasso I am not.
97. Draw and frame a self-portrait - Amongst the comic books and dead presidents is an ink drawing of myself. Whether it's accurate or not, it's what I imagine and desire myself to look like from outside my body. A body that...
98. Write a body manifesto - has been through hell and back. I've fought a lot of battles with this meat suit I'm in. I haven't always liked it, in fact I hated it plenty. But in the past couple of years I've found what makes my body tick. I know and care about what I put into it and, with the wisdom of my years I've kind of come to love it. My body is unique just like my personality; there truly is only one me and I want to be the very best me there is. I think I'm finally on the right track and if I can run these 3.1 miles tomorrow, I'll have proven to myself that I really own it. I spent some time tonight to really reflect on myself, mentally, physically and emotionally. I wrote my manifesto and I wrote it for me.
99. Find your religion - I'd be lying if I said I tried them all but I have dipped my toe into many spiritual fountains. About ten years ago my sister gave me a book of various religions, The World's Living Religions by Archie Baum, and I read the heck out it. I wanted to find a religion that catered to all of my own personal beliefs and left me feeling light and connected with the world around me and all of the people in it. I couldn't find one religion in particular that fit the bill to a tee but throughout my spiritual journey I picked up bits and pieces from many that have helped me feel that connection that I desired. I believe that religion is a very personal belief and that, even if you practice one in particular and consider yourself a part of a larger organization, you bring much of yourself and your own identity into it making it unique. Mine is not a religion but a spirituality, a connection, a faith that keeps me hopeful and optimistic about our world and how we all interact with one another in it. Though I like to think that I'm an honorary Jew, a balabusta, and will continue to celebrate the cuisine of the chose people as long as they'll welcome me at their table.
100. Declare your birthday a national holiday - After so many years of ignoring my birthday and playing the martyr, ignoring my age and running away from celebrations, I've decided to take ownership of my big day. October 5th, the most common birthday in the world (where my New Year's babies at?!,) is my own personal New Year's Day. It marks the end of another successful year (I survived it after all) and the beginning of a bright new one. My day is deserving of balloons and sparklers and glitter, confetti and parades, pinatas and toasts because it's mine and that's what I want. So tomorrow, my head will be filed with all of those things as I run across the finish line and venture on into a new decade that will be the greatest one yet!

party on dudes.
And there you have it. All 100 essential things to accomplish before turning 30, done and done! I kind of can't believe I did it but I checked and double checked and everything is done. At 9:19 tomorrow morning I will enter my thirtieth year, a brand new decade, and I cannot wait! I've been looking forward to 30 for as long as I can remember (alright, since I was about 23,) and I know that good thinks are waiting for me. So with spaghetti in my belly and 29 years to reminisce on I leave you for the evening, dear readers, and will see you again in a brand new year!

see you next year!

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