05 October 2013

hello world, I'm 30!

At this exact moment thirty years ago, I was born.

hey boo

little miss & daddy-o

Thanks Mom & Dad for being absolutely amazing and combining all of your greatest qualities to create me. Thanks to my sister, Tricia for coming along a couple of years later to humble me and be my built-in best friend. Thanks to my extended family for being such an incredible part of my life and being surrogate moms and dads when I was an angsty teenager (alright always) who wouldn't listen to Liz&Dave. Thanks to my Honey (and my Macaroni) for so much more than I can say on the internerd, but mostly for being my best friend. Thanks to all of my friends, old and new, near and far, ever-present and distant, for such a full and wonderfully rich life. I've been so lucky to have been surrounded by such a warm and beautiful universe of people for the past thirty years! And hopefully, if our luck keeps up, we'll find a few more people to drag into our circus.

Here's to us all for making it this far! May we have many happy returns together. I love all of you. But most importantly - Happy 30th Birthday to me!

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