20 April 2013


Did anyone else see the post about linen sheets on Cup of Jo the other day? Well, I sure did and boy did it get me thinking. I love a light linen blouse for it's airiness on a hot Summer day or loose linen pants for the soft, cool way they brush against my legs. I can only imagine how amazingly light and dreamy it would be to sleep wrapped in linen linens with a warm breeze coming in through the window. And I'll have to continue to imagine that dreamy sleep because at around $250 for a set of Queen sheets, I won't be making my bed with them anytime soon. But not being able to afford linen sheets is no reason not to look around and plan which ones I would put on my bed if I could afford to do so. While wandering around the web in search of my dream sheets I stumbled upon Los Angeles company, Matteo. Sure their vintage linen bedding looks unbelievably cozy but since I've never had the opportunity to take a nap in it, my opinion is based solely on their promotional images. Holy cow, have you ever seen a more deliciously tempting bed?

I love how slept in all of the beds in their images look. It's like someone just rolled out of bed as the sun started coming in through their window. In my dream world, I'd have a bed just like that. It's kind of like home decor porn.

Other notable delicious beds: Eileen Fisher, Bella Notte, Restoration Hardware

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