12 April 2013

happy grilled cheese day!

It seems that even Mother Nature is celebrating today because she set us up with the ultimate grilled cheese weather - dreary, chilly rain with gusts of wind and eerie fog, thunder and lightening. Seriously, today is exactly the kind of day that makes me crave a gooey, toasty grilled cheese sandwich, occasionally paired with creamy tomato soup for a truly classic meal. But since today is a holiday, a regular old traditional sandwich just would not do! No, special days like this call for special sandwiches. So, after I watched my fabulously glam new haircut immediately turn to a frizzy mop the moment I stepped out of the salon, I headed home to put on some cozy clothes, heat up the cast iron skillet, and make magic. Here's what I came up with -

Thick sliced manchego cheese, prosciutto, and sliced figs on a hearty peasant pumpernickel raisin bread, served open-faced. Yum! I hope all of you darlings indulged in some equally fatty, carbtastic tastiness on this very special day... and now back to our Summer prep bikini diets.

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