01 May 2013

on wednesdays we wear...

In case you haven't noticed, I'm an irregular blogger. I wish I could blog with more frequency and keep all my darling readers (I'm talking to you, Mom) up to date on all my mealings and dealings, but by the time I get home from work and have supper and hang with honey, I've either forgotten to blog or have fallen asleep on the couch and can't blog. I'm trying to be better about it but, as you may have noticed, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. Well, for a little inspiration and motivation I've been perusing my blog roll, that one that I rarely check aside from the standard few that I check nearly every day. In doing this I once again stumbled upon one of my favorite fashion blogs - Librarian Wardrobe. It's exactly what it sounds like, Librarians looking fab at work, and I love browsing through it.

You see, I'm a Librarian... kind of. I went to library school and got my MLIS, but halfway through the program I discovered that I wanted to be an Archivist at a school and all of my focus switched from books to old papers and students and stuff. But since it's kind of tough to find any job in New York, let alone one as specific as School Archivist, I found myself working lots of smaller jobs - real estate law firm Records Manager, After-School Librarian, Assistant School Librarian, Assistant Archivist, regular Archivist, Non-Profit Women's Organization Cataloger, Organizer of Important Things, Chinese Restaurant Hostess, bakery assistant, etc. On top of being capable of handling all of these awesome positions, I like to think that I do it all whilst looking kinda cute. And I think that because of my Librarian title and my sweet sense of style, I'm exactly the kind of gal that could be (should be?) featured in a collection like the one kept by the folks at Librarian Wardrobe. But since I'm not quite ready to be the kind of gal that promotes her jazzy ensemble on someone else's blog, I'll just brag about it on my own!

A new weekly posting to feature some of my favorite outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and general stylish nonsense. Let's start with this little Springtime number that features my favorite fashion trend - mixing patterns, in particular stripes and florals!

None of these items are new (they've actually been staples in my wardrobe for quite some time now,) but when they were new, I found them at the following places: basic striped tank from Forever21, skirt by tibi New York, sweater by J. Crew, nude pumps from Target, the RayBans were a surprise gift from Honey.

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